Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

There are numerous things you can do on Valentine’s Day, but among the best ones is to watch some romantic movies with your better half. This can easily bring about a passionate mood for both of you, and even help you realize just how much you love one another. However, if you do not know what movies would be appropriate for the 14th of February, you can choose from the five listed below.

The Notebook (2020)

The top Valentine’s Day movie would have to be The Notebook. This 2020 movie starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is about a poor, but passionate man who falls in love with a very wealthy young woman. However, although they are crazy about one another, they get separated by the girl’s family because of the social differences between them. Years after that, they are brought together by faith. See what happens next by choosing to see this movie on Valentine’s Day.

Love Actually (2020)

Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Among other Valentine’s Day movies that you might be interested to watch is Love Actually. The action of the movie follows no less than eight different couples that seem to be loosely interconnected without them knowing it. During the last month before Christmas, all of the couples fall not only in love, but also out of it when they find themselves with all the wrong people.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

If you are interested in a more classical movie for Valentine’s, then you could choose to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Although the movie has been released in 1961, it is still very famous, partly due to the love story it presents, and partly due to the fact that it stars Audrey Hepburn, the actress playing the role of the woman a struggling writer falls in love with as soon as he moves in one of the Manhattan’s East Side apartment buildings.

Pretty Woman (1990)

Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

A more recent classic movie that you might want to watch is no other than Pretty Woman. Here, Julia Roberts plays the role of a female escort who is hired by a successful lawyer played by Richard Gere to accompany him to different social events. After just a few so-called dates, the two inevitably fall in love with one another. However, their social statuses make things difficult.

Love Story (1970)

Five Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Finally, one of the best Valentine’s Day movies to watch is without a doubt Love Story. This 1970 movie stars Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw who play the roles of two very different people who despite of their diverse backgrounds fall in love. However, after the rich Harvard Law student decides to marry the woman of his dreams who is only a music student, he is disowned by his family and has to struggle in order to build a life together with his better half.

All in all, the suggestion is to leave aside the monotonous dinner plans at your favorite restaurant and to just stay home, relax and enjoy some of the best romantic movies of all times, together with your love. The viewing can only be followed by love declarations and a passionate night.

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