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Joe Jonas’ New Solo Single

Joe Jonas’ New Solo Single

The Jonas Brothers were some of the hottest and most venerated boy bands of the past years. However, it seems that the fairy tale stops here as Joe Jonas decided to start his own career and step on the field of music with an individual project. Joe Jonas’ new solo single entitled ‘See No More’ will definitely flash a different side of JoBro that might thrill or, on the contrary, disappoint the millions of fans.

The rising songbird revealed to DJ J & Julian that, “It’s exciting, you know? I mean, having my brothers’ support in this whole project is the biggest thing for me and the fact that they’re loving the music and everything.” “Being on stage by myself, you know? It will be different for sure. I know there’s going to be that little bit of jitters that I’ll have to get out of me that are just going to be there.”

Joe Jonas’ New Solo Single

Chris Brown is the co-author of the single which elaborated the story of a 21 years old young guy struggling with a broken relationship. The revealing lyrics are the following : “I don’t want to wait for you/ I don’t want to wake up thinking, hoping you’ll get it right this time/ ‘Cause you know that you so cold/ I don’t want to see no more.”

Listen to the single that sheds light on the musician ambitions of Joe who could easily deceive his fans as some might not be able to actually realize that they listen to his voice. The aspiring singer is ready to face this new challenge and he is also eager to reveal this tune that’s completely different to the ones he envisioned together with his brothers.

We have to wait a little more for the release of the video, however, MTV news reveals that Chris Brown might not star in ‘See No More’. Joe leaked that, “Not sure if there’s plans for him to be in the video, but I think it’s always really cool to be able to write with other artists and work with them, especially someone as talented as Chris.”

So excited [for the release, though]. It’s a dream come true to have people listen to them for the first time.” The complete solo album will be launched no earlier than September 6 2020.

For OnTheRedCarpet.com he stated about the album that, “”I think it’s a little bit of a different flavor, just style-wise,”- “As you get older, you just start to grow up musically and even with the clothes you wear. It’s a whole new direction musically and I’m just excited for the fans to hear it.”

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