Justin Bieber Hater Harassed due to Phone Number Mix-Up

Justin Bieber Hater Harassed due to Phone Number Mix-Up

Justin Bieber Hater Harassed due to Phone Number Mix-Up

If the average Justin Bieber fan would be asked what personal info about the star would be the most important one, his personal phone number would probably be at the top of the list. An actual leak that would reveal his cell phone number could be potentially disastrous as far as the tween idol’s personal privacy is concerned.

A simple illustration of what can happen in case this event would occur actually took place a few days ago when a blog dedicated to Justin Bieber fans actually made a post that stated “Everyone call me 248-417-5346 ? or text”.Justin Bieber Hater Harassed due to Phone Number Mix-Up

Like most would have expected, the number was not actually his. However, Justin Bieber’s fans didn’t miss the chance to try out their luck. And, although the post was removed after a couple of hours the damage was already done. The consequences were rather obvious and extremely distressing for the person who actually owned this phone number.

In a twisted irony of fate, the number actually belonged to a Justin Bieber hater, Eric McGriff from New York. He allegedly had to face an estimated 26,000 text messages from Justin Bieber’s fans for days in a row. This hilarious yet obviously uncomfortable and stressful mix-up got so bad that Eric McGriff’s family eventually had to change their home phone number. Rumors claim that in addition to changing his phone number, he also chose to delete his Twitter account to put an end to this epic fail.

Eric McGriff expressed his dissatisfaction and reportedly told TMZ: “Maybe it would be cooler if it happened and we got confused with someone whose music we liked. But we don’t like Justin Bieber in my household, so getting calls from his fans isn’t the greatest thing in the world.”

To many of his fans disappointment it seems like the only way they will be able to find out more about their favorite star will be by watching his newly released movie “Never Say Never” as well as his interviews. The movie is expected to be a huge box office hit taking into account the huge success of every single marketing product connected to the young artist.

Here’s the official trailer of the movie, in case you haven’t seen it yet:

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