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Justin Bieber’s Crew Mutiny Over Japan Concerts

Justin Bieber’s Crew Mutiny Over Japan Concerts

Justin Bieber is everywhere these days, as this multi-talented singer has managed to conquer the hearts of teens all over the world with his voice. It’s now no surprise that his concert tickets are selling like hotcakes, but it seems that Justin Bieber’s crew are now getting in the way of Justin’s tour by refusing to go to Japan. Justin Bieber‘s crew mutiny over Japan concerts doesn’t come as a surprise as other celebs such as Avril Lavigne and Slash have also cancelled their concerts in Japan.

The recent disasters that hit Japan, earthquakes as well as the nuclear breach from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant are the cause behind Justin’s crew mutiny, and their cancer risk fears seem to be placing Justin’s Japan concert in jeopardy of cancellation.Justin Bieber’s Crew Mutiny Over Japan Concerts

Justin Bieber’s concerts are supposed to take place in Osaka on May 17th and in Tokio two days later, but the crew’s fears are likely to jeopardize the concert forcing Justin to cancel his tour at least until things stabilize further.

Apparently, one of the people who is very upset over the crew’s reaction is Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, as he told them: “Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids.” However, some of the crew members claimed that is was not safe to travel.

Scooter, however, doesn’t want to disappoint the kids in Japan who have already bought the tickets. Apparently, the cities in which the concerts are to be held are considered safe zones, so he thinks there is no reason to cancel the concerts. Until they reach an agreement, there is a chance that the concerts in Japan will be cancelled.

Justin Bieber’s Crew Mutiny Over Japan Concerts

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