Katy Perry Poses for FHM Calendar 2020

Katy Perry Poses for FHM Calendar 2020

It is not a secret that the recently married music star Katy Perry is one of the hottest celebrities of the moment. After all with her fun and vivacious personality as well as her one of a kind style Katy could go unnoticed by the media which soon started to track her every move. After her latest collaboration with OPI for her own nail polish line it seems that the young actress has become involved in spicier projects as well.

The collaboration between FHM and Katy Perry is not something surprising in and of itself considering the fact that the famous diva has worked with the magazine before creating a suggestive pictorial that undoubtedly boosted the magazine’s sales. The pictorial for the Russian edition of FHM appeared at the beginning last year and managed to boost the singer’s popularity even more.

The 26 year old diva never feared controversies so despite the fact that she’s been married for less than a month she agreed to pose for the publication that targets exclusively to men.

Katy Perry has choose to wear a provocative red top that exposes her cleavage generously along with some fishnet tights that give the outfit an interesting vintage vibe. Her soft wavy hairstyle along with the cute and discreet hair accessory highlight this subtle retro vibe even more. Although the outfit might not have been extremely revealing it certainly was tasteful and exciting enough to ignite imagination.

It is rather obvious that this marketing move is a highly profitable one both for the magazine as well as for the non conformist celebrity even though at this time nobody actually knows the exact amount of money that the singer will receive for this project. Nonetheless this marketing move is undoubtedly one that will have a powerful effect on the targeted audience.

Katy Perry Poses for FHM Calendar 2020

However Katy is not the only signer that appears in the latest FHM calendar. Another 26 year music diva that was voted the sexiest woman in the world by the magazine twice in a row is also present in the catalog. For those who had any doubts, we are talking about the beautiful Cheryl Cole who chose to wear a wonderful short skirt with floral details and a cropped top for the photo shoot.

Katy Perry Poses for FHM Calendar 2020

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