Kelly Rowland Talks Estranged Dad with Cosmopolitan UK

Kelly Rowland Talks Estranged Dad with Cosmopolitan UK

Former Destiny’s Child sweetie Kelly Rowland, who is currently a judge on The X Factor UK, sat down with Cosmopolitan UK and talked about her estranged father, her decision to break her engagement and many more others.

Kelly Rowland might seem like she has a perfect life, fabulous career and the looks to top all that, but things weren’t all easy for the diva as she tells Cosmopolitan that she was left by her father 20 years ago and she and her mother haven’t seen each other for quite a while.

Kelly Rowland Talks Estranged Dad with Cosmopolitan UK

Kelly was taken under Beyonce’s family wing when she was just a child and after she and Beyonce started singing in the girl band called Girl’s Tyme, around age 8, way before group Destiny’s Child was formed. The diva tells Cosmo that she wanted to see her dad for quite a while but the fact that he gave an interview about her in a tabloid recently bothered her. She told the magazine that:

“He reached out to me saying he wanted to see me, but it’s unfortunate he did it so publicly. I want to meet him, and soon, I really do. I forgave him a long time ago.” “I haven’t seen my dad for almost 20 years. It’s nothing I want a pity party for. He left me and my mum, and I was angry. I wanted to be a daddy’s girl so bad. God damn The Cosby Show because that made me think “Why aren’t my family like that?” But this is not a perfect world.”

The fact that she and her mother weren’t all that close also affected Kelly, as she says she would look at the bond that was formed between her friends and their mothers and that bothered her. She said: “Me and my mum didn’t see eye to eye for a while. I would see how close my girlfriends were to their mothers and it bothered me.”

Kelly Rowland Talks Estranged Dad with Cosmopolitan UK

In the interview, Kelly Rowland also talks liberally about her breast augmentation and the decision that pushed her towards plastic surgery. Plus she spills the beans on why she decided to break off her engagement to American footballer Roy Williams back in 2020. Kelly said about breast augmentation that: “I said in an interview a long time ago that I’d get it done because I just had little nuggets for boobs and it was bothering me. The decision was 10 years in the making so I’m comfortable talking about it. It’s something I really wanted to do for myself – not for a man, not for work, for myself… and I love them.”

As far as breaking off her engagement back in 2020, Kelly Rowland says that she “was too young for marriage”. Find out more about the interview in the next issue of Cosmopolitan UK.

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