Kendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat Magazine

Kendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat Magazine

It seems that Kardashian sibling Kendall Jenner is following in big sister’s Kim Kardashian’s footsteps as she graces the cover of Teen Prom and is featured in LoveCat magazine. The 16 year old beauty puts her modelling skills to the test in the two magazines and proves that she belongs in the spotlight by exuding confidence and style.

After landing her own reality TV spin-off along with her little sister Kylie, 14, on E!, and having a jewelry line in the works, the young Kardashian is slowly but surely making her way to the top. Modelling seems to be the path that she has chosen to take, and with a gorgeous slender physique and adorable features, Kendall Jenner is proving her worth as she lands cover after cover, landing a spread in LoveCat magazine and a cover shoot with Teen Prom.

Kendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat MagazineLovecat MagazineKendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat MagazineLovecat Magazine

Kendall managed even to come under fire after the spread for LoveCat magazine, where she channels her inner diva for a provocative shoot. Kendall can be seen posing seductively in a mini leather skirt paired with an oversized T-shirt and a biker leather jacket. In another photo that attracted attention Kendall sports a short black crochet dress while leaning her head back as she posed in a bathroom. Kendall told the magazine in an interview that: “I used to be really shy around the cameras when we started filming. But I think Kylie and I are both used to it now. It’s normal for us.”

Although she does admit being scared before she landed her first photoshoots and modelling gigs, Kendall says her big sisters helped boost her confidence by telling her to have fun and be herself. Kendal said: “Once I got out there, I felt more comfortable. When the lights are up, you can’t really see the audience, which made it a little better. I had a lot of fun. I want to do it again.”

Kendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat MagazineTeen PromKendall Jenner Models for Teen Prom and LoveCat MagazineTeen Prom

Kendall said that her sisters also helped by giving her advice on how to deal with people’s negativity. She told the magazine that: “[My sisters told me] not to listen to what other people say because people are mean. I just don’t look at the Internet and what people say because it can bring you down.”

In her photoshoot for Teen Prom magazine, Kendall goes all demure in a gorgeous turquoise, crystal embellished strapless dress but not only as she opts for various dresses to pose in. Apparently, Kendall chose to pose into the turquoise dress for the cover as she says she just likes the color as well as the design. The 16 year old has plenty of fun posing for editorials as she tells Teen Prom in an exclusive interview and says that she can’t wait to go to her prom.

Find out more about Kendall’s style in LoveCat and Teen Prom Magazine.

Photos courtesy of LoveCat, Teen Prom

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