Madonna No Makeup Selfie Pictures – Our Top 13

Queen of pop, Madonna Louise Ciccone also knows as Madonna is one of the most famous female singers in the history of the music industry. This American singer is also a famous style icon in the world of fashion and beauty. While Madonna performs on stage, she uses a variety of makeup products to get the desired look for the particular song. This theory is same for her videos as well. You might think that this 56-year-old pop star is always hiding under a pile of makeup, but that’s not true. Often, she displays her natural look to impress people with her inherited beauty. Behind the scenes, Madonna likes to wear casual clothes and go makeup-free to enjoy her life in a simple way. Check out some of best Madonna without makeup selfie pictures in the article.

Best Pictures Of Madonna Without Makeup:

1. Out In The Rain Look:

Madonna was spotted looking like she just stepped into a splash of rain. She was seen sporting a black leather waterproof jacket and her signature beach waves. The Queen of Pop has no hints of makeup, except maybe for a nude lipstick. She surely looks pretty for her age!

2. The Nerdy Look:

Madonna sports quite an unusual look in this picture. She chooses to play it safe in a simple outfit and her signature scarf. Her nerdy glasses give her a dignified look. She keeps her hair wavy and tied up. She seems to be heading to the airport for travel and there is no better to keep it comfortable.

3. The Cowboy Look:

Madonna once again keeps it low key in making her public appearance. She is spotted wearing no makeup at all. Her straw hat, head phones and scarf reveal hints that she is off to some place and in a hurry. We totally love the idea of the hat to hide her messy, unmanageable hair. Clever, Isn’t she?

4. Lazy Monday Morning Selfie:

It’s Monday morning and Madonna equally hates it like the rest of us. Seen in this selfie is Madonna’s Monday morning post, where she sports no makeup and still seems to be in no hurry to start her day. Her eyes reveal the fatigue from previous night’s party. But, we are sure she will be up on her two feet in no time!

5. Tired, but Pretty:

Madonna without makeup 1

For many years, Madonna has been setting new records in the billboard and is considered as one of the most revolutionary and inspiring music icons in the history of music. She is so attractive and flawless that a simple gray top can make her look divine even after a long tiresome day. This woman has something in her which makes her different from others.

6. Ready For Action:

Madonna without makeup 2

Madonna was spotted makeup-free on the streets of New York. This picture clearly reveals that all time favorite pop star doesn’t require makeup to look attractive. Her beauty comes from her talent which makes her one of the most successful singers in the whole world.

7. Feeling The Music:

Madonna without makeup 3

The pop star, Madonna was caught in camera wearing a solid white t-shirt with headphone hanging around her neck. She kept her blonde hair loose and seemed in a rejoicing mood. Those who know Madonna have said that how much she likes to go back to her old and simple life where she was not trapped in the cage made of beauty products and cosmopolitan issues.

8. Don’t Mess With You Look:

Madonna without makeup 4

Madonna’s green eyes make her unique from every other woman on the stage. Recently she has performed live without any makeup to make her fans aware of her natural beauty. In this picture, the pop queen was spotted wearing a green hat and a long-sleeve top of same color. Unless it’s a live performance or video shoot, Madonna wears casual stuff and avoids the craze of mascara.

9. Getting Ready To Perform:

Madonna without makeup 5

Madonna was caught in action while departing from a venue in which she performed. The press didn’t leave her at the vanity van as well. She stripped off all her makeup and fancy clothes and came out wearing just a simple hat and a sleeveless top.

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10. Sporty Woman:

Madonna without makeup 6

Few weeks ago a news came out that Madonna’s cell phone was hacked and her personal picture were exposed to the public, of which in most of them she wasn’t wearing any makeup. This is one of those makeup-free pictures in which she was sporting a boyish red top which made her look simply amazing. Without a doubt, she is the most beautiful pop singer ever.

11. Staying Warm:

Madonna without makeup 7

Madonna can make her look attractive in a simple sweater and scarf. She barely needs any extra makeup. This timeless beauty is seen to age gracefully in her knitted cloak and grey scarf. She surely gives the upcoming models a run for their money.

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12. No Makeup Live Gig:

Madonna without makeup 8

In this picture, Madonna went live and did her whole performance without sporting any kinds of makeup. She opted for beach waves a black t-shirt. She totally nailed this bare faced look with a hint of nude pink lipstick and may be a little highlighter on the cheek.

13. No Monkeying Around:

Madonna without makeup 9

Madonna wore her outrageous stage antics after the show as well. She was spotted walking the streets wearing a gorilla-faced hat. It takes guts to pull off an outfit like that, but Hey! She is Madonna! She surely looks snug in that warm winter outfit and when it comes to strange outfits, there is no monkeying around with Madonna!

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Madonna is known for her bizarre fashion. She is also one of the few celebrities who likes to display her flaws to public. Whether she unshaved underarms or her distorted teeth, she confidently shows them all on her pictures. While they might look gross, one must appreciate her fearlessness. Nothing can deter Madonna and she is certainly the boss of her destiny. Madonna teaches us that people who are with you in good times must know who you really are. Great ideology, isn’t it?