Madonna’s Fall and More Extreme Wardrobe Malfunctions

Madonna’s Fall and More Extreme Wardrobe Malfunctions

Some of the most popular wardrobe malfunctions feature nipples getting exposed, but when they happen on stage or during a live sporting event, they can have much bigger consequences.

Check out some of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions, from pop stars like Madonna, Beyoncé and Pink to “Dancing with the Stars” contestants and even athletes. While most of them ended up as just embarrassing incidents, others could have had much more serious consequences.

Madonna’s Fall at the Brits 2020

The most hyped performance at the 2020 Brit Awards managed to overshadow the entire ceremony, but not for the right reasons. When Madonna didn’t properly untie her Armani cape before her dancers pulled it, the queen of pop stumbled backwards on stairs and experienced a pretty brutal fall.

After catching her breath for a few moments, Madonna continued her “Living for Love” performance and ended the Brits on a high note.

Beyoncé’s Hair Caught in Fan

While Beyoncé also had some issues with stairs, falling down during her concerts in 2020 and 2020, one of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions occurred when her hair was caught in a fan on stage. The incident happened during the Montreal stop of her 2020 Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, and Queen Bey kept singing while her staff helped her get free.

Pink Falls Off Stage

Her acrobatic routines have earned Pink plenty of praise for her exciting concerts, but the singer also experienced problems more than once. In 2020, during a concert in Germany, the singer’s harness malfunctioned and instead of sending her in the air, it sent her off stage. Pink couldn’t finish her concert and was taken away in an ambulance, but luckily, she didn’t get seriously hurt.

Bethenny Frankel’s Push-Ups Gone Wrong

While most skirt malfunctions are caused by strong winder, Bethenny Frankel is to blame for her embarrassing moment on “Anderson”. The TV personality, who left “The Real Housewives of New York City” for her own talk show, but ended up returning to the Bravo show, got too excited about doing push-ups with Anderson Cooper and had one of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions.

Cloris Leachman’s Wig Malfunction

While many celebrities experience wardrobe malfunctions on “Dancing with the Stars”, one of the most shocking ones was 84 year old Cloris Leachman losing her wig while doing the jive. The actress didn’t lose her cool and kept dancing through the embarrassing moment.

Toni Braxton’s Dress Malfunction

While most wardrobe malfunctions only last a few seconds, Tony Braxton decided that continuing her performance was the most important thing. Even though the back of her dress fell off, Braxton continued to sign at her 2020 concert in New Jersey. It was one of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions, and the singer eventually dumped her dress altogether, continuing to sing in her flesh colored leotard and a man’s jacket.

Monique Coleman’s “Dancing with the Stars” Dress Malfunction

The dancing competition made waves with plenty of incidents, but one of the most unexpected ones was experienced by “High School Musical” star Monique Coleman in 2020. While her skirt dropped dramatically, exposing most of her behind, she never stopped dancing and quickly pulled it back up.

Jennifer Hudson’s Skirt Malfunction

Wearing a very tight skirt with a front zipper is never a good idea, and it also led to one of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions on “Chelsea Lately”. While Jennifer Hudson had no problem walking in the tight garment, as soon as she sat down, it popped open, prompting host Chelsea Handler to help her out.

Ricky Berens’ Swimsuit MalfunctionMadonna’s Fall and More Extreme Wardrobe Malfunctions

The Olympic gold medalist swimmer managed to win become the 2020 World Champion for the 4×100 freestyle relay despite an embarrassing moment. Ricky Berens’ swimsuit ripped at the back, exposing the swimmer’s behind right as the race was starting.

Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction

One of the most extreme wardrobe malfunctions and definitely the most controversial one, Janet Jackson’s exposed nipple became a huge scandal, but CBS managed to escape any fine after years in court.

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