Marc Jacobs Talks Drugs and Luxury with German Interview

Marc Jacobs Talks Drugs and Luxury with German Interview

He’s one of the most appreciated designers in the fashion industry, so no wonder that everyone is curious to find out more about the brain behind the Marc Jacobs label. Mr. Marc Jacobs has managed to cause a stir on several occasions with his designs and fashion choices, whether they had a positive or a negative impact on the public, and now the designer shared with his fans his view on what luxury means while chatting with German Interview.

The designer is now afraid to make bold, statement fashion choices as he was seen recently at the 2020 The Costume Institute Gala Benefit donning a black sheer lace shirt dress paired with light colored shorts, black socks and shoes. High-end labels are all about luxury and as far as this particular detail goes, Marc Jacobs says that he believes everything that you don’t need is a luxury. He reveals in the interview that:

Marc Jacobs Talks Drugs and Luxury with German Interview

“Luxury is anything you don’t need. I mean you need food, water, clothing, shelter, right? But good wine, good food, beautiful interiors, nice clothes; those aren’t necessities, they are a luxury — it’s all luxury. I mean, it would be a wonderful thing to have a private jet all the time. I know people who do fly by private jet all the time, like Larry Gagosian, who’s this big art dealer. He has a private jet and flies all the time, and luckily I’ve hitched a ride on his plane a few times and it is not overrated at all. It’s really a great way to travel!”

His battle with drugs in the past hasn’t been a secret and when asked about how he felt about the fact that people called him then a ‘fat heroin addict’, the designer says jokingly that that is the stupidest thing he’s heard as he wasn’t fat. He says:

“That was the stupidest thing I ever heard, because first of all I was never a fat heroin addict, I was a skinny heroin addict — and I got over that, luckily. I was fat when I stopped doing drugs, not while I was doing drugs. I don’t know anyone who’s fat when they’re doing drugs.”

Now, Marc Jacobs seem to find sleeping and smoking to be “the two best things in the world”, but does admit to spending about two hours a day in the gym. Although he’s not a fan of running, but says that he likes going to the gym and that “lifting weights isn’t really so cardio”. Perfection is according to Marc Jacobs an ideal and he doesn’t think that it can be achieved, as there is always something more that can be done. He says:

“I mean I keep adding tattoos and piercings and all sorts of stuff and I don’t know, who knows what I’ll do in the future but I’d like to think that I’m not done.”

Despite the fact that he’s surrounded by luxury and that he’s constantly travelling, Mr. Jacobs says that he envies the people that come to Paris for the first time as nothing compares to the feelings that one experiences the first time they visit the city. He says:

“I envy people who go to Paris for the first time. It’s not that I want to redo that or anything or that it matters whether they are 15 or 35, it’s having that experience for the first time. Nothing can ever be the same as it was the first time, so whether you come into something at 15 or at 50 doesn’t really matter, but I think that it’s that first time that is really always the most magical.”

Marc Jacobs Talks Drugs and Luxury with German Interview

Find out more about Marc Jacobs by taking a sneak-peek at the interview video below!

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