Mila Kunis is GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Mila Kunis is GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Mila Kunis is GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Well, everyone already knows that Mila Kunis is sexy, funny and cool. Besides, she speaks fluent Russian. Maybe this is why the 28-year-old ‘Black Swan’ actress was named GQ’s Knockout of the Year. And what better occasion than this to get a short interview with the stunning Ukrainian beauty?

GQ visited Mila in Detroit, where she is shooting Oz: The Great and Powerful, Sam Raimi’s massive prequel to The Wizard of Oz.

The lovely and effortlessly real ‘Friends with Benefits’ star doesn’t just sit down for a chat with GQ but she also tries to find a cure for the magazine’s sick reporter. “Oh, I feel so bad! You’re so siiick! Let’s get you better,” Mila told Michael Idov. Next thing, she takes him to a Japanese restaurant for a miso soup. “Cough away. Don’t hold it in! You’ve got to let it out! Don’t worry about me. I’ll just take some vitamins later,” the actress instructed the reporter.

Mila was born in Chernovtsy, a small town in Ukraine and her family moved to Los Angeles when she was seven. Speaking about Chernovtsy, the actress says that, “It wasn’t, like, a full-on village. We had a movie theater. Streets were paved. We had a normal school.”

Mila Kunis is GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Mila says that she started taking acting classes when she was a kid. Even though her first gig was in 1995 in ‘Make a Wish, Molly’, Mila is mostly known for her role as Jackie Burkhart in ‘That ’70s Show’. “My English was a little janky. I didn’t have very many friends. And there was this place advertised on the radio as a place for kids to meet other kids — an acting class. My parents couldn’t afford a babysitter. They said, ‘Great, that takes up our Saturday,’” the actress recalls.

Mila reveals her down-to-earth side once again as she tells GQ that, “I love what I do, but my theory is that it’s people who doubt what they do and want to prove it to you, they’re like ‘It’s art. I create art. It’s art, art, art.’ I’m like, Holy s***, are you f****** kidding me? I run around and pretend I’m someone else for twelve hours; I record Family Guy [she voices Meg]. Then I get to go home and watch Jersey Shore.”

GQ’s December Men of the Year Issue brings four different covers. In the magazine, we can find this year’s most impressive and inspiring men. Therefore, Michael Fassbender is named as the Breakout star while Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have been named as the Showmen of the Year. GQ’s 2020 King is Jay-Z.

For more from Mila, Justin, Jimmy, Michael and Jay-Z, visit or read the GQ December issue set to hit newsstands on November 22nd.

Mila Kunis is GQ’s Knockout of the Year

Photos courtesy of GQ

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