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Mila Kunis Named ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ for 2020 by Esquire

Mila Kunis Named ‘Sexiest  Woman Alive’ for 2020 by Esquire

Mila Kunis was named Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine replacing Rihanna who held the title last year. Such a flattering title couldn’t have come without some pictures to prove it, so the November 2020 cover of the magazine shows the star wearing only jeans. Along with even more sexy poses which prove she rightfully earned this year’s title, the diva sits down and chats about other aspects.

This is how we manage to find out that the star considers that being funny is a learnt skill rather than a natural ability: “I think I stumbled upon doing funny things, but I’m not funny. I just know how to deliver a joke. There are people who naturally exude humor and are constantly saying funny things, and there are the people who know how to deliver a joke. It’s a learned skill. Through twenty years of doing this, I practice it. I think that the second you think that you’re funny is when you stop being funny.”

Though the industry she works in has a strong influence on her career, she states she managed to learn to stay true to her self over the years: “So much of who you are in this industry is based on what that critic says, what that director says, what that actor says. People start believing all that, and they become what everybody else wants them to be. And I think that I’ve consciously separated my two lives. I love what I do. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But when I’m done with work, I’m done with work. I think that if I bought into the hype, I would lose all sight of who I am, and so much of who I am is what my parents went through and instilled in me. And I never want to lose that. Ever. Because I would be so disappointed if I didn’t make them proud.”

Mila Kunis Named ‘Sexiest  Woman Alive’ for 2020 by Esquire Mila Kunis Named ‘Sexiest  Woman Alive’ for 2020 by Esquire 

Though she often gets asked about her immigration story, she feels very uncomfortable taking about it: “I feel awful talking about it, because my parents should sit down and talk about it. They’re the ones who went through hell and back, who gave everything up. I didn’t do anything. I was eight years old, and I tagged along. And my parents made me feel safe. I didn’t make those decisions. So I can’t take responsibility for it. Every immigrant has a story. And in 1991 during the fall of communism… Everybody has a story. Let me just repeat: I was eight years old. I didn’t know what was happening.”

Though it might come off as a surprise to some, the “Friends with Benefits” actress is quite political: I find it all to be incredibly entertaining. I went to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner with Wolf Blitzer. It’s weird: You get invited by people you don’t know — and I never wanna go again, because I had the most incredible experience. Ever. I watch CNN or MSNBC all day long, every day. So I meet with Wolf, and I was like, “Oh, my God. There’s Wolf Blitzer.” Like two drinks in, I just start talking. “So, about Ahmadinejad’s nephew …” Wolf was surprised I followed politics.”

Read more about the star in the November 2020 issue of Esquire.

Photo courtesy of Esquire

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