Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination

Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination

After the amazing royal wedding, newlyweds Prince William and his wife Kate are preparing for their honeymoon vacation, a much awaited moment by the couple. Apparently, William is going to surprise his wife with a getaway in one of the world’s most amazing exclusive islands of the Indian Ocean.

It seems that everything else is kept under wraps, even Kate Middleton, to ensure they will receive the privacy that everyone should benefit from on their honeymoon. The getaway is reportedly costing William £4000 a night, but what doesn’t a man do for his wife, especially if that man happens to be a Prince.

Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination

According to DailyMail, a source said that : ‘It’s one of the most incredible places you will ever visit and Kate will have the time of her life. It’s everything you could want from a honeymoon destination and more – beautiful beaches, tropical seas and complete privacy.” “The Prince’s protection officers flew out two and half weeks ago to check it out and their villa has been booked and confirmed.”

What better way to celebrate your marriage then spending time with your spouse on a secluded island, with fabulous beaches, sunny skies and with personal chefs waiting for your order?!

However since the honeymoon getaway is only gong to happen sometime at the end of the month, the couple has taken a mini vacation, away from the public eye, in an unknown destination. Apparently the couple has asked the media to respect their privacy so nothing has been confirmed or denied with regards to their whereabouts at the moment.

However, not is all joy for the couple as it’s been recently told that Prince William will, upon his return, be sent to Falklands for 10 weeks without Kate. Partners are banned from joining, and William will have to comply to these rules also. In this time William will continue his helicopter training, but Kate is not happy about the situation. The Sun reported that Kate stated:

“It is an awful way to start married life, especially hard because it destroys the first magic of being together.” “William could probably pull some strings and get out of going. But he is determined to be treated like any other search and rescue pilot.”

Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination Prince William and Kate’s Honeymoon Destination

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