Rihanna Admits to Still Loving Chris Brown in Interview with Oprah

Rihanna Admits to Still Loving Chris Brown in Interview with Oprah

It seems that Oprah’s still got it as she managed to make pop singer Rihanna open up about her life in a way she never did before, thus showing a side of her that most of her fans would find difficult recognizing. In Oprah’s Next Chapter Interview, Rihanna confesses to still loving her ex-beau Chris Brown and says that he was “the love of her life”. The tearful interview that aired on Sunday, August 19, 2020, captured a massive amount of attention as the diva went through an array of emotions from happiness to sadness, allowing her fans to take a glimpse at Riri’s real behind the scenes life.

She built a tough-cookie allure in time and especially after the 2020 brutal attack from her then boyfriend Chris Brown, but it seems that Rihanna has finally decided to let her guard down and show her vulnerable side as she opened up about her life while chatting with Oprah in her home town, in the island of Barbados. The diva has never fully opened up about the incident that shocked the world in 2020, but she recalls that “it was embarrassing it was humiliating… I lost my best friend”.

Rihanna Admits to Still Loving Chris Brown in Interview with Oprah

The rumors concerning a possible reconciliation between Rihanna and Chris brown have been numerous, but apparently the only thing that is going on between the two is friendship.

“We’ve been working on our friendship again and now we’re very close friends. And that’s not anything we’re going to try to change” the singer confessed, but that doesn’t mean that the ‘flame’ has burned out as far as Rihanna is concerned as she tells Oprah that she still finds seeing Chris difficult as she still loves him. According to DailyMail, the singer said:

“It’s awkward because I still love him. My stomach drops and I have to maintain this poker face and not let it get to the outer part of me. I have to maintain it and suppress it. When you don’t understand those feelings you can make a lot of mistakes.”

After the incident was brought to the public’s attention Rihanna says that she was more concerned about what was happening to him as she said she knew he needed help, but who was going to offer it to him?! But what caused the two to drift away? Well, Rihanna doesn’t give all the details, but elegantly says that “we were very young and very spontaneous. We were falling in love and going at a really rapid pace. We forgot about ourselves as individuals.”

Although things eventually took a more positive path for both of them, Rihanna recalls that at the time of the abuse she was in a very ‘dark place’, she felt angry and that showed in everything from her fashion style to her music. However, the barbadian singer has finally met peace as she says:

“I think he is the love of my life. He was my first love.” The singer continues in the interview to say that “I have to move on. I have forgiven him. It took me a long time. I was angry for a long time. I truly love him, so the main thing for me is that he’s at peace… I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace.”

She’s met fury from her fans when she decided to lift the restraining order she got against Chris and then again when she befriended him on Twitter and now Rihanna is prepared for the backlash that will come after the interview will air as she revealed:

“I can’t tell people how to feel about it. They’re entitled to feel angry because it wasn’t a good thing that happened. But I have forgiven him.”

Do you think Rihanna is eventually going to rekindle her relationship with Chris Brown?

Rihanna Admits to Still Loving Chris Brown in Interview with Oprah

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