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Rumors Say Kate Moss Got Married

Rumors Say Kate Moss Got Married

Everyone has heard of supermodel Kate Moss as she is one of the world’s most popular models which manages to maintain her career even at the age of 36. It seems that Kate Moss got married in a secret wedding ceremony and she managed to keep this a secret for over 2 months as the ceremony was performed in August.

The well known English supermodel has managed to land contracts with some of the world’s most renowned fashion labels which lead to her international popularity. Kate Moss has a certain “je ne sais quoi” which attracts attention so the people and the paparazzi were always interested on finding out more about Kate’s personal life.

Rumors Say Kate Moss Got Married Rumors Say Kate Moss Got Married

In 2020 Kate Moss began dating Jamie Hince, the guitarist from “The Kills” whom she apparently got engaged to in 2020. At that time Kate stated she was going to get married but it seems that no details were given over the date.

Since time passed and it seemed that the couple was not “taking the big step” people assumed that couple was affected by the tabloids and gossip which surrounded Kate Moss’s life. However it seems that the couple didn’t give up their plans and had planed a secret ceremony in August 2020 in Italy.

It seems that ceremony was done in Sicily, Italy, at a small church were only a few close friends and family were present.

Rumors Say Kate Moss Got Married

It is rumored that Kate wore a sheer white dress to the ceremony and no shoes. Kate’s fashion style leans more towards vintage so no wonder she chose simplicity to dominate the Big Day. The British tabloid “The Mirror” states:

“They planned the day for weeks and were so excited. Kate didn’t want a stuffy, formal do, but something spiritual. Minutes after tying the knot, the giggling newlyweds were outside the church, dancing under trees. It was an incredibly happy day.”

Although Kate Moss has a daughter from a previous relationship with Jefferson Hack, this is Kate’s first marriage so all we have to say is Congratulations and we hope everything works out for the best for her!

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