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Sarah Jessica Parker Gets a Fashion Line

Sarah Jessica Parker Gets a Fashion Line

Sarah Jessica Parker is getting a shoe line! Well, the SJP fashion line will include other things besides shoes, however, these will definitely be the stars of the line. If you heard that thought ‘it was about time’, you’re certainly not alone. Any nostalgic ‘ The Sex and the City’ fan will instantly smile at when finding out who the actress has teamed up with for the new project: none other than George Malkemus, the longtime CEO at Manolo Blahnik. Yes, the perfect throwback to those glorious times, especially when we consider the fact that the series has celebrated its 15th anniversary already.

Speaking about the SJP fashion line, the star herself admitted she felt such a line was expected of her: “In a silly way, I think it’s what people have expected of me most because of Carrie Bradshaw. Because I got to play that role, I wore a lot of shoes and by default I learned an enormous amount. It’s hard to walk away from that,” she told Vogue. The star wanted to extend her line beyond shoes because she likes the feeling of a complete outfit: “You put on a shoe and you put on a coat and you wear a bag and, on the outside, when you’re walking down the street, they really can tell the same story about yourself,” she told the same publication.

Sarah Jessica Parker Gets a Fashion Line

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Sarah Jessica Parker’s new fashion line will feature shoes, handbags and even a few trenches. For the line, the star thought about combinations as whole rather than single pieces since her goal is to create beautiful fashion mixes women want to have in their closet. Shoe wise, the star aims to bring options that are stylish but also comfortable, given the fact that she admitted that killer heels have wreaked havoc on her feet a while back. The pumps and flats included in the new line will be functional and pretty without being over the top. Handbags, on the other hand, will be inspired by the 70s and the 80s and are meant to become instant focal points.

Sarah Jessica Parker Gets a Fashion Line

The new line isn’t the typical low priced, produced in China type of celebrity fashion line. The products of the new line will be produced in Europe and NYC and the price range will definitely reflect that. Shoes are expected to be in the $200 – $300 range while the handbags from the new line are said to be under $700. No words yet on the price range for trenches, though. Still, if these sound a little over your budget right now, fear not: the new SJP fashion collection will be launched exclusively at Nordstrom early next year, so there’s still plenty of time left to save up until then.

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