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Teyana Taylor Suspect in Brutal Attack

Teyana Taylor Suspect in Brutal Attack

It seems that the R&B singer who also debuted in the well known television series “My Super Sweet 16” has found herself on a hot-spot as she is a suspect in a brutal attack case. Teyana, who was spotted in Chris’s Brown entourage, has been struggling to make it big in the entertainment business, but could this be a bump in the road?

According to TMZ, Teyana Taylor is a suspect in a brutal attack over another girl. These horrible incidents seem to be on the rise as more and more videos of kids acting violently are shown. Could this be a reason for concern or these are just isolated incidents which coincidentally surfaced since the beginning of the year? Teyana Taylor Suspect in Brutal Attack

Apparently, Teyana Taylor was hanging out at a recording studio in Burbank Saturday night when the alleged assault took place. It seems a woman made a comment with regards to Chris Brown, Teyana’s friend, and this caused her to flip-out, triggering flying punches directed towards the other woman, who was struck in the face several times. After the woman allegedly crashed on the floor from the blows, Teyana kicked her in the stomach and head with her boots. The woman sustained several scrapes and swelling around her face.

The incident was followed by the arrival of police officers who didn’t find Teyana at the scene, as apparently she had already left the building. According to TMZ the police are going to investigate the incident but, until this time, no charges against Teyana have been filed.

It seems that Teyana has not issued any official statement so far concerning this incident, although she has posted a comment on her Twitter account, in which she says she is accused of something she did not do:

“im being accused of something i didnt do, #STOPTRYNABRINGMEDOWN its a big year for me, im WINNING!! #MadeasBigHappyFamily in theaters 4/22”

What do you think? Did Teyana do it or is she just being falsely accused?

Teyana Taylor Suspect in Brutal Attack

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