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Top 10 Eva Mendes Without Makeup

Eva De La Caridad Medez is a American model and an actress, a quite good one actually. She is one of the most recognizable faces in the film industry and she has worked in many films with Oscar winning co-actors and actress. This 42year old divorced women from Miami is one of the best ones this industry has ever received. Her alluring face is her prime tool of attracting people and she does the job just fine. People sometimes tend to think that, Eva is all about makeup and she is nothing more than those models who cover their flaws under a pile of makeup. But not Eva. She is totally unique and in this article we will be discussing some unique facts about Eva’s beauty with the help of pictures.

Best Pictures of Eva Mendes Without Makeup:

1. Happy Shopping:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 1

Eva has got a naturally attractive face and for that reasons she doesn’t need to hide her facial flaws. She is flawless and she likes flaunting her natural face whenever she gets a chance.

2. Out of The Car:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 2

Eva is never irritated by the press taking her pictures. She is pretty comfortable with them just like she is comfortable with revealing her totally natural face. If you’re looking for Eva Mendes without makeup pictures, then this is the perfect one out there.

3. With and Without Makeup Picture:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 3

These pictures come in handy, when you are eager to inspect someone’s actual beauty. The picture shows that in both the pictures, Eva looks more or less the same. This proves that this woman is probably one of the most beautiful ones out there and can easily sport her totally natural face without any hesitation since, she is aware of her natural allure.

4. The Rough But True Face:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 4

Eva Mendes is not ashamed to show off her true face, as she feels that showing your face without makeup is like revealing your true identity. This kind of mentality is truly epic and she wants to stay completely loyal to her fans and followers.

5. The Natural Beauty:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup

This is like revealing the actual face of Eva Mendes. And when you get to see it, you finally realize that she looks fantastic, even without sporting any sort of makeup on her face. This is probably one of the finest Eva Mendes no makeup pictures.

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6. The Without Makeup Photo Shoot:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 6

Here, we can see the bare face allure of Eva, where she looks absolutely awesome, even when there is zero makeup on her face. This woman can rock the screens, even if she appears barefaced.

7. The Bare Face Scene:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 7

This particular scene from the movie, “The Other Guys”, surely shows the natural beauty of Eva. She looks great, even when she is not sporting any makeup. The role required her to be totally makeup-free and she did a great job.

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8. The Bare Face Scene #2:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 8

This is yet another bare face scene from one of Eva’s best movies. Though she played a supporting role in this movie, she was able to gather quite the attention without even trying too hard.

9. Best Way To Start The Day:

Eva Mendes Without Makeup 9

Here, you can probably feel the LA vibe by looking at this picture of Eva Mendes. As she grabs a cup of coffee from Starbucks, she shows her real face which is shockingly beautiful.

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10. Shopping Diaries:

Eva Mendes was spotted sporting a really cool outfit along with totally makeup-free face while shopping. This is the last but still one of the best Eva Mendes without make up pictures.

This article has provided you with nothing but the best makeup-free sights of Eva Mendes without makeup. In all these pictures, she was sporting her totally natural face along with some cool outfits and great hairstyles. Eva Mendes is quite the woman, who every man would like to fall in love with.

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