Top Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Top Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Top Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Hollywood often forces you to make a few important changes in your personality and look. This time, we have the opportunity to learn more about top celebrities who changed their names to get into the spotlight.

Indeed, stars can become extremely creative when it comes to inventing a new identity. The new name must be ear-pampering and catchy. Pull off the veil of the most fascinating name changes of your fave movie or TV stars. Top Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis

Isn’t it fascinating how the beloved actress managed to deal with a similar radical name changing. Jen is famous for her comic roles in romantic movies.

In order to obtain a permanent place in the spotlight she swapped her birth name for a simple and easy-to-remember one as ‘Aniston’.

Tom Cruise – Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Cruise was the only detail this super-successful actor managed to keep from his real name. Tom decided to keep the surname of his great-great-grandfather and embrace a brand new identity.

Using his short and super-simple name he managed to stay in the heart and memory of millions of fans and the most influential directors from the world.

Olivia Wilde – Olivia Jane Cockburn

The TV and movie star Olivia Wilde decided to drop her real name for a more catchy and popular stage name, ‘Wilde’. Moreover, she was also inspired by the Irish author Oscar Wilde. The young actress decided to make this quick name change already during her high school years. This act is actually a tribute to the famous author as Olivia has dual citizenship in Ireland and in the US.

Top Celebrities Who Changed Their Names

Rihanna – Robyn Fenty

The fabulous R&B singer from Barbados moved to the US at the fragile age of 16. Rihanna changed her name to ease the fans’ and the media’s job.

Though her birth name is more simple, Riri decided to swap it for a lovely stage name.

Natalie Portman – Natalie Hershlag

Natalie owns this interesting family name due to her Jewish origins. The young actress was actually born in Jerusalem, Israel.

Her agent and the Hollywood star thought of a quick name change as the best method to ease the job of directors and fans. She thought of the maiden name of her grandmother, Portman as the best option.

Miley Cyrus- Destiny Hope Cyrus

The American singer and actress managed to win the heart of millions of teens with her role in the Disney Channel series, Hannah Montana. The name actually comes from the ‘Smiley’ nickname her parents gave to the young Hollywood star in her childhood years. Miley’s real name is indeed poetic and unique, but still had to be dropped for the sake of showbiz success.

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