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Victoria Beckham Travels With Her Crystals

Victoria Beckham Travels With Her Crystals

The Beckham family surprised the world with the news related to the fourth pregnancy of the 36-years old ex-Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria. Indeed the media is constantly in the footsteps of the family leaking several rumors and facts surrounding this blissful state. This is how we could find out that Victoria Beckham travels with her crystals.

Superstition plays an important role in the life of various celebrities. It seems that Victoria Beckham makes no exception and she also has her own set of crystals that would keep unfortunate accidents and events at a fair distance.Victoria Beckham Travels With Her Crystals

Victoria Beckham claimed that: “I’m a very spiritual person. I travel with crystals. I’ve got all different colours. It’s just something that I’m into. I am quite a superstitious person. I don’t walk under a ladder. If I see a magpie, I salute.” This is indeed more important during this period when she wants to secure the best circumstances for a flawless pregnancy.

Her crystals as she says also keep their family life on the go, as as a consequence she loves her crystals very much. Victoria also told Allure magazine that: “It’s a really happy house. There are kids running around and laughing and joking. I smile much more than people think.

It seems that her crystals did save her from various scandals and unpleasant events as their family life was often threatened by ladies who appeared stating that they had an affair with David Beckham and other rumors that might had a great impact on their relationship.

Additionally Victoria also talked about the gender of her fourth child which is still a secret even for them: ‘We know what to do with a boy. The kids are excited about having a little brother to teach how to play soccer. But, if it’s a girl, we’d be over the moon as well.’

Victoria Beckham Travels With Her Crystals

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