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Whitney Houston Banned From Prince Concerts

Whitney Houston Banned From Prince Concerts

It seems that everything is going wrong for Whitney, as a couple of days after she voluntarily enrolled in an out-patient rehab program she was banned from Prince concerts. Apparently, the diva was quite a fan of Prince as she was seen attending several concerts, but it wasn’t all smiles for Prince, as apparently Whitney demonstrated an erratic behavior which finally lead to her being banned from his concerts.

Now this is a first! Someone as famous as Whitney, who is known on an international level for her incredible voice to be banned from attending a concert. So what did tick Prince so much to make this decision? Well, according to TMZ, Whitney Houston’s constant ticket demands, her erratic behavior and her demands to be allowed on stage during Prince’s concerts were the reasons behind this decision. Whitney Houston Banned From Prince Concerts

Whitney Houston’s behavior can be observed on Youtube where a fan posted a video of Whitney as well as her daughter Bobbi Kristina singing and standing up in the front row of the stage although everyone else is sitting down, enjoying the show. In another video you can also see Whitney joining Prince on stage and taking over like it was her own concert. It seems that Prince didn’t mind Whitney’s decision to get up on stage, but after a while he finally decided to take back control over his own show and took the microphone out of Whitney’s hands while she was dancing. Then Prince asks the crowd to applaud Whitney and guides her off the stage. Now that is embarrassing!

A source close to Prince told TMZ that Whitney appeared to be “intoxicated”, however, they did not see her take any substances or drink alcohol. Whitney has made public her problems with drugs during an interview in 2020 with Oprah Winfrey. She has entered rehab, but it seems that not all went well as she decided to give rehab another try in 2020.

The rehab programme Whitney Houston has voluntarily enrolled in allows her to go out in public as long as she has a monitor. We hope Whitney will get back on track and that Prince will reconsider his decision as she’s proven to be quite a fan!

Whitney Houston Banned From Prince Concerts

Photo courtesy of Youtube, PR Photos

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