10 Beautiful Women over 50

10 Beautiful Women over 50

There are women who seem to look more beautiful with every year that passes by. And you’d swear their ID is lying. Who are these ladies? Take a look at these beautiful women over 50 and tell us which one of these lovely ladies aged more gracefully according to your opinion.

Stunning Women over 50: Iman

Iman definitely deserves to be on this 10 beautiful women over 50 list. The 58-year-old former super model looks as amazing as she did 20 years ago. Plus, David Bowie’s wife is not only a stunning woman over 50, she’s also known for her charitable and pioneering work in the ethnic cosmetics industry.

Beautiful Women over 50: Julianne Moore

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Can you believe this beautiful ginger is 53? Julianne Moore is another stunning woman over 50 that deserves to be included on this list. The lovely ’30 Rock’ actress always manages to impress the audience with her young and fresh look mixed with amazing gowns and glamorous pieces of jewelry for her red carpet appearances. Hats off, miss Moore

Lovely Women over 50: Sharon Stone

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Who could forget Sharon Stone in the iconic movie ‘Basic Instinct’? The 55-year-old blonde beauty is without any doubt one of the most beautiful women over 50 that still manages to surprise her fans with her bold fashion decisions. Just take a look at her topless appearance in Paris Match back in 2020! She showed everyone she was proud of her body and happy with her age.

Top Beautiful Women over 50: Kim Basinger

10 Beautiful Women over 50

The 10 beautiful women over 50 list wouldn’t be complete without Academy award winner, Kim Basinger. This stunning woman over 50 even confessed at some point that she wished American people had a more laid back feeling when it came to age, just like Europeans did. Plus, she promotes aging gracefully.

Gorgeous Women over 50: Michelle Pfeiffer

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Michelle Pfeiffer is certainly one of the most beautiful women over 50. This classic Californian beauty – who turned 55 this year – still manages to have a youthful look and a great approach to aging. Moreover, Pfeiffer confessed to The National that turning 50 was in fact very liberating for her. She even added: ‘It is really letting go of the need to stay young for ever and the need to be perfect.’

Lovely Woman over 50: Christie Brinkley

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Here’s a lovely woman over 50 for whom time seems to have stopped. This 59-year-old model and philanthropist born in Detroit leads a very active life and wouldn’t give up her regular workout routine. This gorgeous woman over 50 and mother of three told Shape.com that she’s exercising all the time, even when dyeing her hair. This is indeed a great example to follow.

Stunning Woman over 50: Angela Bassett

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Angela Bassett is another talented lady to make the 10 beautiful women over 50 list. This stunning New York city actress who turned 55 this year wowed the audience with her breakthrough role as Tina Turner in the 1993 movie ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’. Since then, Bassett aged gracefully making a lot of women envious of her flawless complexion and fit body.

Gorgeous Woman over 50: Bo Derek

10 Beautiful Women over 50

This beautiful ageless actress is another gorgeous woman over 50 to be included on our list. She continues to fascinate the audience with both her beauty and talent and she accepts her age with grace. In addition to this, in 2020 she told OK magazine: ‘I look at my lines and I think: Well, shoot! They’re marks of a lot of fun’.’

10 Beautiful Women over 50 List: Jerry Hall

10 Beautiful Women over 50

This former model and ex Mrs Jagger is yet another stunning lady to make the 10 beautiful women over 50 list. In 2020, Jerry Hall could be admired as the seductive Mrs. Robinson in the theatrical adaptation of Charles Webb’s novel ‘The Graduate’ and since then she starred with her daughter, Georgia Jagger, in an Invisible Zinc ad campaign for a sunscreen cosmetic line.

Ageless Beauty over 50: Andie MacDowell

10 Beautiful Women over 50

Andie MacDowell is another beautiful woman over 50. This talented actress and model seems not to have aged a bit, surprising her fans with her glowing young complexion and glossy brown curly locks in the recent L’Oreal Cosmetics ads.

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