10 Things No Man Should Wear After 30

10 Things No Man Should Wear After 30

Even if you like to take fashion risks, some items should be evicted from your closet before you’re 30. Add a bit of sophistication to your style and make sure you get rid of anything a grown man shouldn’t be wearing in public.

Discover the things no man should wear after 30 and let go of your wild 20s, at least from a style perspective. You don’t have to stop having fun when you hit 30, but you definitely should try a few more grown up looks.

1. Funny Slogan or Ed Hardy Tees

Your t-shirt collection is the first in need of a makeover when you’re ready to move on to a more mature style. Start by getting rid of all tees with funny messages, but don’t stop there and reach for the Ed Hardy t-shirts too. They both make a very clear statement about being stuck in your 20s and not willing to move on to a slightly more sophisticated style.

2. Visors

They’re adorable on kids and can pass as cute on teenagers, but visors don’t belong on grown men. If you’re wearing them as protections against UV radiation, simply use a moisturizer with the right SPF for your face and get some stylish sunglasses. Visors are definitely one of the things no man should wear after 30.

10 Things No Man Should Wear After 30

3. Sagged and Super Skinny Jeans

When it comes to pants, there are two big offenders that should absolutely get evicted from your wardrobe by the time you’re 30. Super skinny jeans can work in your early 20s, but there’s nothing sexy or stylish about them a decade later. You should also move on from sagged jeans, because a bottom big enough to hide a diaper is not a good look for any man.

4. Major Bling

Tone down your bling once you turn 30. Multiples necklaces are on the list of things no man should wear after 30, and so are oversized necklaces. You don’t need to stop yourself from wearing jewelry, but you should edit and stick to a single piece at a time, preferably not an enormous dollar sign. You can also go further and replace any neck bling with an elegant watch.

5. Designer Sweatpants

Whether they cost $10 or $100, sweatpants only look good when they’re simple and used for their intended purpose. Wearing designer sweatpants as pants, no matter how stylish they might seem to be is a big style mistake you shouldn’t continue making into your 30s. Hoodies lack sophistication as much as sweatpants, but they’re not as big a fashion mistake.

10 Things No Man Should Wear After 30

6. Trucker Hats

Baseball caps are timeless and as long as you don’t wear them every single day, their place in your wardrobe is safe for a long time. On the other hand, trucker hats belong among things no man should wear after 30. If there’s any mesh in your caps, retire them gracefully to move on to a more grown up style.

7. Cowboy Boots

Few men can pull off boots in style, but when it comes to cowboy boots, leave them for the real cowboys. If your job description doesn’t involve the word “cattle”, just avoid any type of heeled boot with pointy toes. Boots for adults are less flashy and usually feature absolutely no spurs. Another grown man style tip for boots is keeping your jeans over them, never under.

8. Leather Wristbands

If you’re cutting down on bling, you might want to add leather wristbands to the list of things no man should wear after 30. They were never that fashionable in the first place and they serve no real purpose. Just like jeans shorts, wristbands don’t belong on adult men. While you’re at it, get rid of the rubber ones too.

10 Things No Man Should Wear After 30

9. Muscle Shirts

Showing off your muscles is fine at the beach or by the pool, but muscle shirts have no place in your wardrobe once you’re over 30. Get rid of super tight tees and any item that has the single purpose of highlighting just how buff you are. Your muscles don’t need to be on full display most of the time.

10. Neon Sneakers

Bright colors on sneakers are definitely cool, but not for grown men. You don’t have to stop expressing yourself through fashions, but cool it a bit with the neon shades. If your sneakers are visible in the dark or stand out from 100 feet away, they belong with the things no man should wear after 30… unless it’s Halloween.

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