10 Tips on How to Avoid Fashion Crimes

10 Tips on How to Avoid Fashion Crimes

Isn’t it just horrible to make a fashion faux pas, sometimes without even knowing it? Read on and see what the rules are this year in order to be ok, fashion wise.

2020 has made its debut with loads of new trends, but some 2020 must haves have been recycled. However, there is also a strong influence of 1997, especially in the floral prints, the numerous colors and so on. So, get up to date on what to wear and what to avoid in the following 10 tips that might help you. 1. This year, sandals with many straps are really in, but be careful that some ankle straps will make your legs look shorter and fatter. So, choose some very thin straps, or avoid sandal straps at all.

10 Tips on How to Avoid Fashion Crimes

2. Even if the year shows to be a season for exaggeration, enough is enough. So, if you exaggerate with a huge necklace or numerous bangles, forget about a huge ring or some maxi sized earrings that will make your ears go down. However, it is a good idea, maybe even compulsory to have one big item on you.

3. White is a very chic color, and it is a must have color of the season. But, make sure you look good in the white items that you choose, as white is not that easy-to-wear color also.

4. Don’t get fringes and bangs if your face is not complimented by such a cut. It’s true that these hairstyles are very fashionable, but some faces just can’t carry off bangs – you have to accept that.

5. Don’t choose dark colors only. Especially for the summer. So, don’t get stuck in blue shades and black! Mix these with at least one more bright color.

6. Don’t guide yourself on fashion icons of the day; they may also do mistakes from time to time. Trust your instinct and avoid the things that you don’t like on your fashion icons. They don’t make the rule and that’s that.

7. Trench coats are in for spring and fall, but be very careful! Too many pockets, buttons or epaulets can make your figure look chubbier. So, sometimes the true classic won’t necessarily work for anyone.

8. If you are short or have short legs and you are stuck on high heels, make sure you know how to wear them. It’s very true that high heels may help you look higher, but if you can’t handle them, you’d better drop the idea.

9. Forget the mini skirt if your legs are chubby. Really, they will only make you look disgraceful. Leave the mini for nicely sculpted legs.

10. Stick to your oldies; if you see that something flatters your figure, it doesn’t matter what fashion dictates, you can still wear your old favorites. You will gain confidence and look good anyway, regardless of the latest trends.

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