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15 Beautiful and Popular Silver Rings for Women and Men

A ring is around band, usually a metal, worn as ornament jewellery around the finger. Rings are more often made up of metal but can also be made of any material; metal, plastic, stone, wood, bone, glass or gemstone. They enhance the beauty of the hand. Silver has been used as precious metal. It is used in numerous applications other than currency.

silver rings

It is a beautiful lustrous white metal and is used in making jewellery. The Silver rings look beautiful. They are worn by both man and woman. It was one of the most popular wedding ring metals until mid-1800s but it is now back into fashion.

Simple Silver Rings Jewellery Designs with Pictures:

There are numerous silver ring designs which when adorned will make the wearer look remarkable.

1. Crystal Flower Silver Ring:


The floral design is common but this crystal flower silver ring is designed in a unique way. It has three flowers each of different colours, yellow, pink and purple. They are placed on different loops making it a big ring which is beautiful. It even has diamonds on the ring which makes it radiated. This colourful silver ring for ladies can be worn on any outfit and on addition can be matched with three colours outfit.

2. Spreading Leaf  Silver Ring for Girls:


This is a matchless silver ring which is one of its kinds. The leaf spreading silver ring will cover the one third of the finger; it is a big ring and is precisely designed silver wedding ring. It has one loop in the middle and leaf spreading branches on both sides. The leaves are filled with diamonds all over which is sparkling. It will definitely look adorable on bride’s hand.

3. Very Special Crown Silver Ring for Women:


This crown shaped silver ring can make the wearer feel like a queen. It has glittering diamonds on the crown which look elegant. It can be gifted by the man to her women make her feel special.

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4. Colour on Silver Ring:


This multiple colour silver ladies ring has a big purple stone on the top. The colours on the ring are not scattered but beautifully framed in it. The ring has no complicated designs but with these colours it looks magnificent. The best thing of it is that it can go on any colour outfit. It will look cool on teens.

5. Key and Lock Plain Silver Rings for Couples:


These are silver rings for couples. The key crafted big ring for “He” and small lock crafted ring for “She”. They are distinctive from other finely crafted rings. These are best silver rings for couples to express their feeling and show others that there is only one for this lock.

6. Sterling Silver Bow Ring:


This bow is not for suits but for fingers. This bow shape silver ring is a big ring which is gorgeous. It has bulging like small structures around the diamonds which make it look beautiful. This bow shape silver ring is so big that it evens covers side finger too.

7. White and Black Pearl Cluster Silver Ring:


Pearls give a royal look and when both black and white are clustered together they add height on the royal look. It looks elegant. This pearl cluster silver ring is one of them and will add elegance to one’s style.

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8. Art work Silver Rings Designs for Couples:


This art work silver ring is the ultimate rings for couples to make love promises. It has two rings when joined together showing that man gives his heart to woman. Funny but super stylish silver rings.

9. Retro Silver Ring Design:


This ring has a rose on top with a retro look. The rose flower is black with outline of silver. It is well designed to give a perfect graceful look. Wearing this ring on black outfit will make the wearer look chic.

10. ladies Silver Ring with Black Stone:


Black the royal colour is attached to this silver ring. It has a very bold look with a big black stone at the centre and beautiful designs of black on the spiral structure of the ring.

11. Cross Silver Rings for Men and Women:


The cross silver rings can be used as a wedding ring, showing faith in each other and with god. The black cross silver ring is for the man which looks super stylish and peach ring for the woman which looks pretty.

12. Gold Silver Ring Design:


Both the gold and silver are precious metals and when they are combined with each other, and then there is no match for them, they give a modish look. This gold silver ring simply have loops intermingled with each other which is attractive.

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13. Flower and Leaf  Designer Silver Ring:


This is a unique design flower and leaf silver ring. Usually rings are opened at the bottom but this ring has space on top with flower and leaf embedded with diamonds. It will cover the space between the side fingers and will look amazing with its look.

14. King and Queen Silver Rings for Wedding:


This silver ring design is very cute. It will make one feel like king and queen. Both the rings are crown shaped but the man ring is plain silver and the woman ring has diamonds and red stones cased on it which looks pretty. The king and queen can walk together showing off their immense love for each other.

15. Vintage Silver Ring:


This antique silver ring is beautifully crafted. It has designs which are unique. It has radiance, inner glow and brightness. It will look gorgeous on bride.

Silver is usually considered lower than gold and platinum but it is no less. The rings have diamonds, stones fire which is flashed with the white metal which makes it look lovable. Silver ring have their own charm and is worn by both men and women. There are special silver ring designs for wedding couples. Silver ring can be easily worn on even formal outfits without any worry that it may look funky.

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