15 Latest & Best Home Wall Clock Designs With Pictures

A home clock is an important section of your house. Decorate it with some of the best styles. There are many home wall clock designs of various ranges. You can choose as per your budget. Most popular designs are the vintage type and they are a bit expensive too. You can choose the one you like and make your home beautiful.

Home Wall Clock Designs In India:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 15 unique home wall clock designs with images. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Beautiful Home Wall Clock:

Beautiful Wall Clock

Are you ready to try something new on your home? Try this beautifully decorated black home decor clock with crystal designs on it. The dial of the clock is small, but the outer design looks grand and expensive. There is a silver round in the middle where you can see the needles and an outer black frame.

2. Analogue Dial Vintage Home Wall Clock:

Analogue Dial Vintage Wall Clock

For Vintage design fans these home decor wall clocks are the perfect home décor wall clock. This is a stylish clock with analogue dial with Roman numerals and it can create good contrast against rustic ivory clock face. This clock is designed with black frame with vintage touch.

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3. Yoga Design Home Wall Clock:

Yoga Clock

Try this wall clock design in yoga theme. You can try this to decorate your room. In this clock, you can see various yoga poses as dials. Try this gymnastic contemporary clock in your room and it will always remind you of fitness.

4. Little Birds Home Wall Clock:

Little Bird Home Clock

It is a wall clock decorative home design. Beautiful little bird clock design is an antique style clock with pastoral style. This is a multi -piece set and you can join all pieces easily at home. The clock is made of plastic material with digits on it. Try this in your hall, stairways etc.

5. Star Wars Décor Clock:

Star Wars Décor Clock

These are the beautiful wall clocks for your home. It is made of hardwood and aluminium material. You can use it to decorate your home or office and give it a contemporary look. The natural wood colour blends with the wall colour and it matches with any wall paint.

6. Traditional Home Wall Clocks:

Traditional Home Clocks

This is a stylish traditional home clock type you can choose for your home. This clock has a plastic frame and is a lightweight type. There are Roman numerals and minute track inside the clock. But the frame looks like a wooden one and will enhance the beauty of your walls.

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7. Hot Coffee Decorative Wall Clock:

Hot Coffee Decorative Wall Clock

Are you looking for a proper design for the kitchen clock? This is it that you are looking for. This hot coffee designed wall clock is made of plastic material and with a small dial. The clock is small with numerals on it. You can get a better kitchen look with this elegantly designed wall clock.

8. Royal Architectural Wall Clock:

When you want to try something special for your home or office try this traditional architectural wall clock design. It made of decorated wooden material. The decorations in the clock are very beautiful with a white dial with numerals. Make this as your wall clock and get praise from everyone. Hand crafted outer frame is very elegant also.

9. Unique Home Wall Clock Design:

Unique Wall Clock

When you want to decorate your wall with an amazing clock this is the best choice. This is a contemporary wall clock with contemporary like. The dials are open and only contain the numerals. The inner design shows the machinery with dials. Check this out and get it if you like. This will take you back to old times.

10. Modern Wall Clock For House:

Modern Wall Clock

This is a decorative wall clock design for you. This is a wooden clock design with Roman numerals and beautiful black dials. The clock background is white and shabby with wooden grain finish. You can use it on any rooms to get that old shabby yet elegant look. Give the best look to your home and adorn your selection taste.

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11. Melting Home Wall Clock Design:

Melting Wall Clock

Get this oversized melting wall clock to give a better look for your home. A colourful clock with many colours and numbers are written in words. Time indicator is very beautiful with wooden frame. You can decorate your home with this magnificent clock. It will give an antique look for your walls.

12. Flower Design Wall Clock:

Flower Design Wall Clock

This is a beautiful wall clock in flower design. You can use this home décor clock to welcome your guest. Keep it in the guest room and everyone will love your choice. There is a black round dial with dots and the flower design is done with white crystals. It will make your home shining.

13. Luxurious Diamond Peacock – Home Wall Clock Design:

Luxurious Diamond Peacock

Get this antique clock design with a peacock to make your room attractive. This one is decorated with diamonds and crystals of various colours which makes the clock colourful. Its body is made of acrylic crystal and metal and the outer area is golden and inner dial is white colour. There are numbers on the dial and the needle is a golden colour.

14. Glass Wall Clock For Home:

Glass Clock

When you want to design your living room with a home décor clock you can go for this type. It is a magnificent clock design with glasses and it looks like a sun. The outer area is with glass in eye shape. It has black needles which match with that glass background and gives it a good appeal. You can see the beauty of it during night time.

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15. Creative House Wall Clock:

Creative Wall Clock

Do you need to try something creative for yourself? This is a creative clock design that looks simple and magnificent. But the design background is colourful. The needle is white on a colorful background. The outer frame is made of plastic material. Decorate your living room or bed room with this wall clock and make that wall look excellent.

All the above home wall clock designs are some various types you can find from this section. Here we included some varieties available with which you can design your wall. Most of the clocks are from the home décor section. But the popular designs are antique types.