15 Latest & Best Seiko Clock Designs With Pictures

For 125 years the Seiko legacy has continued, going back to 1969 when the first Seiko Quartz wristwatch was introduced. Definitely, this is not a name that customers are not aware of – almost everyone knows what Seiko is all about. Their quest for art and science has been tremendous in shaping the clock industry. Seiko has always been known for innovation, and therefore, let’s look at some of the best Seiko clock designs catalogue you can find today.

Modern Seiko Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 15 cool and latest Seiko clock designs with images. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Bedside Plastic Alarm Seiko Clock Design:

seiko clock designs


This modern yet classic Seiko alarm clock in India, and which has an easy portable design, with very useful snooze and glowing features. It can be used for travel as well as for home use. The black plastic base of the clock, along with the silver toned frame, the white dial of the clock looks just great. The dial features large, easy-to-read Arabic numerals which is complimented by luminous hands, makes it easy to see in the dark. The second hand operates quietly, and there is a light sensor that makes the clock face glow in the dark. Runs on 3 AA batteries.

2. Brown Wooden Mantel Chime Seiko Clocks:

Brown Wooden Mantel Chime Clock

The mahogany finish on this Seiko mantel clock looks stunning. It’s fully white face with black numerals and clock hands along with the brass finished bezel, matches so well with the rest of the clock. There is a protective lens cover as well, and it has also volume control and night shut off. It features Quartz movement with quarterly and hourly chime, and it runs on battery. Perfect decorative piece of a clock.

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3. Melodies in Motion Seiko Wall Clock:

Melodies in Motion Wall Clock


If you’re looking for gorgeous looking Christmas clock, then this Seiko Christmas clock will be your best option. The unique feature of this clock is that it plays one out of its 24 Hi-Fi melodies in motion, every hour. The melodies are mainly from popular, classic or Christmas collection. There is a light sensor that shuts off all music and lights when the room is dark. It includes a rotating pendulum as well as 22 Swarovski crystals ornamented in the Centre. Standard volume control and on/off switch is also present.

4. Seiko Travel Analog Clock:

Travel Analog Clock

This Seiko travel clock is one of the best travel clocks you can get for your money. The clock comes in a black metal case with a folding stand which lets the clock rest well on a plain surface. It also features dial light with standard snooze function and luminous clock hands. The clear bold numbers on the dial make it easy to read at night, and its Quartz mechanism makes it accurate and functional. This will be your perfect sleeping partner.

5. Desk and Table Alarm Carriage Seiko Clocks:

Desk and Table Alarm Carriage Clock


This is one of the best Seiko carriage clocks you can get on the market. It’s fully made up of metal wrapped in gold tone colour. It also features Quartz movement, so that it always shows the exact, precise and accurate time, no matter what. It also has an alarm feature to use as well. A very beautiful piece of a clock.

6. Curved Glass Crystal White Dial Seiko Clock:

Curved Glass Crystal White Dial Clock

This white Seiko crystal clock is just the work of art. This wall clock has a white face with black coloured clock hands. There is a clear crystal case over the floating dial of the clock. The clock is totally silent and noiseless, thus not distracting you from any work or sleep. Just needs one AA battery to operate.

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7. Plastic Alarm Seiko Clocks:

Plastic Alarm Clock


This classically modern Seiko gold clock features a plastic case with metallic gold trim along its sides. The clock comes with luminous hands that can be seen in the dark and has a usual alarm and snooze feature. It also includes dial light as well as total noiseless movements, making it ideal for any room in your house. Requires just one AA to operate.

8. Glass Case Skeleton Movement Seiko Clock:

Glass Case Skeleton Movement Clock

One feature that really stands out for this Seiko skeleton clock is its attractive cylindrical design, which makes it fantastic for home or office. The clock is fully constructed in beautiful silver toned metal and glass, and it also includes a strong glass base and metal feet to prevent it from tipping. There is a protective glass window for the dial, which features Roman numerals and also shows off its intricate gold toned skeleton movement.

9. Mantel Musical Collection Seiko Clocks:

Mantel Musical Collection Clock

This Seiko musical clock is one of a kind unique clock with unique features. Based off a brown wooden case, this clock has 18 melodies that it can play. It has a light sensor as well so that when the room goes dark, it can shut off the music. There is also a volume control as well as a demonstration button, and it runs on three AA batteries.

10. Desk and Table World Time Seiko Clock:

Desk and Table World Time Seiko Clock


This is one of the coolest looking and vintage Seiko desk clocks, primarily because of the world clock design that it brings in. The clock has a solid brass case coloured in beautiful gold that looks awesome. The clock also comes with Quartz movement, so it will always give you the accurate time and will be maintenance free as well.

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11. Chime with Pendulum Seiko Clocks:

Chime with Pendulum Clock


This Seiko chime clock is constructed with a dark brown, solid alder-wood case, perfect for home or office decor. The clock has a sturdy foot with a silver toned cylindrical pendulum that just looks elegant. There is a glass crystal that protects the white dial, which has black Roman numerals and clock hands. The clock has a dual chime feature – quarter-hour with every hour chimes. It also features a chime volume controller and precise Quartz movement.

12. Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Seiko Clock Design:

Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock


This Seiko pendulum clock will take you back years in the past. The Seiko old clock has a schoolhouse style design, engraved in a dark brown solid oak case. This Seiko large wall clock features curved glass crystal for that ultimate look and obviously has a pendulum. The clock has both quarterly and hourly chimes as well.

13. Big Grandfather Seiko Clocks:

Big Grandfather Clock

This Seiko grandfather clock is truly made up of Alderwood and it looks just strong and beautiful. The clock comes with dual chime method, i.e. quarterly and hourly chimes, along with a volume controller for controlling the chime volume. There is also a night time chime silencer and it also features Quartz movement for giving the most accurate time.

14. Metallic Silver Atomic Seiko Wall Clock:

Metallic Silver Atomic Wall Clock


This Seiko atomic clock is truly a great radio controlled clock. This silver metallic crystal wall clock will automatically set the time for you, no need to set up the clock. Also, it’s very much accurate and it also features daylight time savings as well. The clock comes with a standard analogue face and is a must-buy for anyone who loves clocks.

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15. 12 inch Seiko Wall Clock:

12 inch Wall Clock


This sleek designed clock is one of the best Seiko kitchen clocks you can get. It is 12 inches in diameter and features an all-black durable plastic case, along with a metallic black dial and chrome minute and hour hands. The second hand is yellow in colour, and the clock is totally silent in its operation. This is perfect for home use, like in the kitchen or office. Just needs one AA battery to operate.

From the above extensive list of Seiko clock designs, we can definitely see how innovative and creative Seiko is with their wall clock designs. Not only that, we can see how each watch differs from each other in features and functions, thus making it easy for anyone to choose theirs.

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