15 Latest & Stylish Dangle Earrings With Images

Earrings hold an important role in getting ready for a simple or occasional function. They also are very essential for regular wear. There is some spiritual importance of wearing them. it is a sign of superior status and development in spirituality. It is also an important jewelry for the married women in India. It gives the women physical and mental balance to deal with any adverse situation.

Among all the designs, the dangle earrings are quite popular these days. The earrings surround the earlobe. With different shapes and designs, they are capable to catch the attraction of any women at a single glance. Chandeliers and drop earrings are also a category of dangle earrings.

Beautiful Dangle Earrings in Fashion:

Let’s go through some amazing designs of dangle earrings which would surely get a place in your accessory box.

1. Blue Butterflies Dangle Earrings:

dangle earrings

Design in butterflies has always grabbed the hearts of the women. A similar design is made with blue sapphire like diamonds. The earring gives a full covering to the ears where the butterflies hand below the earlobe for a lovely look.

2. Ball Design Dangle Earrings:

Ball design dangle earrings

Love those hanging circulars below your earlobes! A gold dangle earring design is what you are looking for. The earrings are made from gold which covers your ear ends very well. The folding of the earrings is also given a diamond shape connection for a symmetrical look.

3. Cage Design Dangle Earrings:

Cage design dangle earrings

These gold dangle earrings are made with a combination of gold and silver. The earrings are given a cage charm design where the rode of the charm is made with curvy designs. The small earring is the choice of women at any age for regular wear or on occasions.

4. Designer Dangle Earrings:

Designer dangle earrings

Looking for some long dangle earring to carry on your gown or on a designer piece! Here is a sterling silver earring design which is long enough to reach on your shoulders. The earring is given curvy silver slides with crystals attached on the curves and a single chain in the center.

5. Simple Dangle Earrings:

Simple dangle earrings

A simple design in the long dangle earring is made with a tiny chain design ending with a crystal in white at the end. The earring doesn’t carry any kind of locks with it. The ends are given equal length on both the sides to give it a new looking. Try the design for a new look in regular days for office.

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6. Diamond Dangle Earrings:

Diamond dangle earrings

Diamond and silver is the best combination to carry for any kind of party, wedding or similar occasions. Here is a similar design of silver dangle earring which are bordered with tiny diamonds for a shining look. The strand of the earring is also given small white diamonds to add some glamor to the design.

7. Anchor Design Dangle Earrings:

Anchor design dangle earrings

A silver dangle earring design widely selected by the teens over casuals is the anchor design earrings. Made in silver, they are given an anchor appearance, rounded up with a rope. The long earring signifies strength and stability in the life of the wearer. It is also selected on fancy dresses or gowns.

8. Round Dangle Earrings:

Round dangle earrings

A design which would take you back to the retro period is the sterling silver dangle earrings design, popularly known as round earrings. The simple earring is given five pearl like design in the center which are fix.

9. Hook Look Dangle Earrings:

Hook look dangle earrings

The hook design sterling silver dangle earrings come with a different look. It is inspired by the hooks of the chains or bracelets in an upside-down design. The lower portion is given a rough look while the top is given a design as if made with several circular curves at a time, similar to a cone look.

10. Disc Look Dangle Earrings:

Disc look dangle earrings

Black color has not only gained many buyers in the accessory list also. The black dangle earrings are given a disc like design. The center is also studded with a design similar to that of a flower with a diamond central. The design is a combination of gold and black color.

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11. Charm Pearl Dangle Earrings:

Charm pearl dangle earrings

A new design inspired by the traditional jhumkas is the charm pearl earrings dangle. The silver chain portion is made with several small bead charms which are attached with white pearls in a round design. It is much carried with ethnic outfits and dresses also. However, some teens also prefer it on jeans and shorts.

12. Diamond pearl Dangle Earrings:

A modest pearl dangle earrings design is given a touch of tiny diamonds to make it more special and delicate. The earing is given a silver top which covers the earlobe while as a charm; a white pearl is attached at the end. The earing can be worn in parties, on ethnic wear or western, or can also be worn for a regular wear.

13. Almond Dangle Earrings:

Almond dangle earrings

White gold dangle earrings have captured a great place in the hearts of women with their meek designs. A new pattern with a connected almond design is much liked by the women. The earrings are made with thin and thick almond rings with a great length.

14. Fancy Dangle Earrings:

Fancy dangle earrings

Want to have some fancy accessories for a special event or evening! The fancy dangle earring design inspired by the dated earrings is the made with gold. The opening of the earing is given a thick chain look while the length of the earring is made with tiny and thin chain design from the front to the back for a fully covered look.

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15. Ethnic Dangle Earrings:

Ethnic dangle earrings

An ethnic touch with a combination of oxidized and silver is quite widely accepted on traditional. The dangle earring silver and oxidized are studded with small and big diamonds. The earring is given a curvy look with various shapes in it. The long earring can be the best in weddings or also for high parties over gowns.

With the changes in the outfits’ designs, the dangle earring designs have also obtained revolutionary changes in the designs. The new designs include the floral designs, star designs, long chain designs and much more.