15 Matching Platinum Rings for Couples in Relationship

The trend of wearing gold ring does not exist anymore, in this modern era ladies love to wear which is not in yellow color, then the choice of wearing silver, white gold and platinum comes in. Silver gets oxidized very quickly and white gold is comparatively cheaper than platinum, but platinum adds beauty and grace when worn on the fingers as ring due to its subtle outlook and the pride which comes in after wearing the most precious metal.

To get some brief knowledge about the platinum metal as a ring which comes in different design and pattern.

Couple Rings in Platinum:

Here are top 15 Couple platinum rings listed out which will come in handy for ladies to choice as a couple ring and for men’s too.

1. Plain Platinum Couple Rings:

Platinum Rings for Couples

A simple but modernized couple ring could be definitely a plain platinum couple ring, in which a there is no design on the rings or any type of stone. Couples who like the subtle ring which does not glare than this is a perfect choice.

2. Designed Platinum Rings for Couples:

Designed Platinum Ring

A plain platinum ring can be designed in the front part and inside part of the ring combining stones. The design can be customized like rings with hearts which is a continued design seen on the male and female band rings.

3. Plain Platinum Ring – Center Diamond Stone:

Plain Platinum Ring - Center Diamond Stone

How can couples forget about diamonds, which is the most precious and elegant when it is used along with platinum. The ring consists of a center diamond which can be emerald cut, princes cut which is placed on the plain platinum ring.

4. Designed Platinum Rings -Single Center Diamond Stone:

Designed Platinum Ring -Single Center Diamond Stone

Instead of going for a plain diamond centered ring, a designed platinum ring which can be either parallel lines, floral designs or cupid design seen on the front part of the ring which is combined with a centerpiece of Halo diamond stone or for a female with princes stone and for him a solitaire diamond in the center.

5. Carved Couple Rings in Platinum:

Carved Platinum Couple Ring

The design of carved platinum ring is on the trend among young couples, this is a lightweight ring from form carved platinum to form design instead of a plain band of the ring. The male and female ring has the same design which also shows their like-mindedness among each other.

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6. Lock and Key Design Platinum Couple Rings:

Lock and Key Design Platinum Couple Ring

This design of ring can also be called a dramatized patterned ring. In this design, the lock design is for Her and lock design which is definitely the male gender. This design can be one way of expresses that the couple is made for each other. This designed is an inspired designed from the French Art.

7. Row Diamonds-Platinum Couple Rings:

Row Diamonds-Platinum Couple Ring

Couples who are fond of diamonds and want them to be combined with platinum then this type of design is the right choice. In this design the male ring diameter is around 3mm to 4mm and diamonds are arranged in a straight line the same pattern is followed for her too, but the diameter is lesser around 2mm.

8. Matte Finish- Platinum Couple Rings:

Matte finish- Platinum Couple RingTo reduce the shiny and glossy effect of the precious metal and give the ring a subtle look then the matte finished ring is the right type of outlook. The People who are looking for not so shiny ring then this is the ring which they should be looking for.

9. Couples Platinum-Rose Gold Couple Ring:

Platinum-Rose Gold Couple Ring

Rose gold also called Russian gold is an alloy of copper and gold. This rose gold can be combined with platinum which gives a good color combination and when this combination is used as the ring, this would be the best choice as an engagement ring which makes as a colorful event.

10. Classic Couple Rings Platinum:

Classic Platinum Couple Ring 10

In the classic platinum ring which has a matte finish look at the center of the ring with the glossy look at the corners of the ring. This is design is used for both the rings, the only difference would be the diameter of the rings for Him and Her.

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11. Matte Finish Platinum -Textured Work Couple Ring:

Matte Finish Platinum -Textured work Couple Ring

Textured worked ring on the platinum ring makes the ring so beautiful that the couple will definitely fall in love with it. The textured design can be finger prints on the center of the ring with a single diamond combination or Urban design can make the ring more different among other platinum rings.

12. Grooved Platinum Couple Rings:

Grooved Platinum Couple Ring

People who like variety and uniqueness, grooved platinum ring will be an apt choice. One side of the ring has a hammered platinum effect and the other side of the ring has a matte effect which gives a mind blowing look. This type of ring needs to be maintained well by regular cleaning.

13. Infinity Design Couple Rings in Platinum:

Infinity Platinum Couple Ring

Most loved designed by youngsters and middle aged couples. This design of side ways eight symbol, infinity brings out the togetherness till eternity. The most romantic way of expressing infinite love.

14. Zig zag Patterned Platinum Couple Rings:

Zig zag Patterned Platinum Couple Ring

This design of Zig zag pattern is a modernized design which is commonly selected as the engagement ring by youngsters. In the type of rings, zig-zag line pattern is seen on the front side of the ring. The ring can be either plain or combined with diamonds.

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15. Name Embossed Couple Platinum Ring:

Name Embossed Couple Platinum Ring

The name engraved design in previous years was made from gold. Recent era has changed from gold to Platinum. The names of the couple are engraved as exchanged during the engagement day. It is considered as the most romantic way of expressing feelings for each other.

Selecting the right type of platinum metal also plays a very important role, the ring worn during an engagement is preferred to be worn or preserved life long. In order to wear for many years, the purity level and hallmark which will be mentioned on the inner side of the ring. The alloy used in making the ring and the quality of the hand craving if someone wants a textured work or a designed ring. Last but not least choosing the right ring which goes well with his or her finger the shape and design which plays a key role.

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