15 New Designs Wrangler Jeans For Men and Women in 2020

Jeans is the favorite outfit for both men and women with age no bar. There are several brands that are providing with a variety of jeans during the year with new designs emerging over the old simple jeans to build up new trends. A rising name among the popular brands manufacturing jeans is Wrangler jeans, which is an American brand, working since 1904. The brand is popular for producing work wear jeans for both men and women. The brand has simultaneously been providing new designs with utmost comfort and durability that makes it one of the top brands in jeans.

Best Wrangler Jeans For Women and Men India:

Here are some widely adopted Wrangler jeans India designs chosen for improving their fashion standard.

1. Cowboy Cut Jeans for Men:

Cowboy Cut Jeans for Men

The cowboy cut jeans is simple yet it gives a stunning look to the wearer. The Wrangler jeans for men come in both dark and light shades in blue and black with bounded sides. The jeans give a comfortable fitting at the waist while the jeans become slightly lose as it lowers down. The jeans are also given a proper length that covers some portion of the feet too. To give the jeans a perfect cowboy look, it is given a high-waist design.

2. Rugged Men’s Jeans:

Rugged Men’s Jeans

A wrangler men’s jean that provides you with a variety of colors and desired fitting is the rugged design introduced by the company. The wrangler mens jeans gives mooth velvet like appearance and texture, with complete length that is widely worn for regular wear. The complete jeans are made with a slight squander fitting with accurate waist grip. The jeans are also adopted as the formal wear in various offices.

3. White Wash Jeans for Women:

White Wash Jeans for Women

Plain with a monkey wash white effect on the front knee portion is what is more adorable among the women. Wrangler jeans for women have adopted the design by giving it a skinny appearance for a sensual look. The waist of the jeans suits both high-waist and low-waist, with a complete length. The design is also available other warming colors like black, brown, blue, pink, white, etc. to add some shades to your collection. The jeans can be carried to both offices and personal wear.

4. Patchwork Jeans for Women:

Patchwork Jeans for Women

A new collection of jeans for women comes with a modification with the pocket designs. The simple dark blue jeans are given patchwork on both the pockets, with slight horizontal and vertical lines in light color shade at the knee and below to make a unique design. The jeans are given a cozy fitting from the waist to the knees, while the lower portion is made a little lose, which is inspired by the mermaid look in narrow jeans. Such designs of jeans are popular in colleges, outings, tracking vacations, etc.

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5. Retro Jeans for Men:

Retro Jeans for Men

Retro Wrangler jeans mens designs are quite suitable for the people who are slight bulky in weight. The jeans give a glance of the 80’s jeans fashion which comes in rough blue and black shades. This is one of the common jeans pattern worn by men for routine wear, or for leisure vacations with light, black and white tees. The straight cut jeans are given thick borders to make the jeans rough and tough for long term wear.

6. Progear Men’s Jeans Design:

Progear Men’s Jeans Design

Wrangler has always been in news with the new designs it gives to the youth. A new mens Wrangler jeans collection is given a dual color effect by combining the denim jeans with cotton material lowers. Yes, the jeans are given a short pant look in jeans while the lower portion is made from cotton material in grey shade with jeans borders on the sides. The design is worn by youths in colleges, outings, picnics, and much more, with skin tight tops.

7. Ripped Women’s Wrangler Jean:

Ripped Women’s Wrangler Jean

Ripped designs are trendy among the women for a new modified look. The plain Wrangler jeans womens in dark blue is given a white wash design on the thighs with crisscross lining patterns on the waist side. For making it more stylish, it is given an ankle fitting length with ripped designs on both the knees. The jeans are carried for outings, picnics, and parties by the teens along with skin tight tops.

8. White Wrangler Women’s Jeans:

White Wrangler Women’s Jeans

White jeans with ankle length designs give a charming look to the women with thin legs. The jeans Wrangler is given a slight lose fitting with a net on the end in a circular triangle design. These jeans are available in both low waist and high waist patterns, to select from. The jeans design is carried out with short tops and high heels to give an accurate look to the legs. The design is also available in other colors like black, red and pink.

9. Woodman Camo Men’s Jeans:

Woodman Camo Men’s Jeans

Looking for a different design in jeans! Wrangler has introduced a new collection which gives the imprints of various paint brushes, similar to the military pants. The woodman camo designs come with slight thin jeans, with a drop fitting, from the waist till the bottom with a firm ending on the feet. With irony colors, the jeans give a strong look for events like tracking, mountain climbing, forest camp fire trips, etc.

10. Work Wear Men’s jeans by Wrangler:

Work Wear Men’s jeans by Wrangler

Wrangler is famous for the work wear jeans it serves you with. A similar Wrangler black jeans design that justifies the existence of the company is quite popular among the working men. The jeans are given a bulky look with dropped size fitting that makes the wearer work in a comfort zone. It is also made quite durable with dual stitched pockets and sides and broad endings that add to its contentment zone.

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11. Vintage Women’s Jeans:

Vintage Women’s Jeans

Want to have that 70’s look back to your personality! The Wrangler jeans women’s collection with the vintage look definitely would fulfil all your desires. The jeans in blue gives a tough competition to other jeans in terms of jeans color and point designing with slide pockets and folded lose ends on both the sides. The ends give you some shorts like look that length between the knees and the ankle.

12. Mid Rise Women’s Jeans:

Mid Rise Women’s Jeans

Wrangler jeans for women with a new pattern and color material were introduced for the swank look to the youth. The jeans are made in navy blue and grey color, with fetching prints making various patterns like florals, long strips, etc. The skin fit jeans are made with a stretchable material for bending comforts that makes it a prime choice for vacations, trips, themed parties, etc. The jeans are given a complete length with higher waist that gives a perfect grip. The jeans give the body a perfect capture and hence, are the first option for the slim ladies willing to expose their skinny legs.

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13. Carpenter Jeans for Men:

Carpenter Jeans for Men

Wrangler jeans have also given a great selection of jeans for the carpenters. The blue jeans come with various numbers of pockets in the front, back and sides that allows the carpenters to store their instruments. The jeans are also made with dual material coating to make it stronger for the users. The jeans are available in various lengths to make the user relaxed while working in various positions. You can pick your favorite shade in the jeans category, like blue, sky blue, black, brown, etc.

14. Cargo Jeans for Men:

Cargo Jeans for Men

Men’s Wrangler jeans with a cargo pattern give a planner look to the wearer. The cargo jeans are made with thin jeans layer with a cotton touch. The jeans are given a loose and box type look with various extra side pockets on it. The jeans are carried to the colleges, picnics, and other events. The comfort this type of cargo jeans provides with makes it the best apparel for tracking and other such events too. The cargo jeans are also worn by the dancers who love moving on hip hop moves.

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15. Capri Jeans for Women:

Capri Jeans for Women

Capri jeans design introduced by the Wrangler jeans for women has given astonishing patterns to carry for various occasions. The jeans are made with smooth denim material, which is later designed in floral designs with tiny embroidery in red, white, yellow and green. The length of the Capri is made slight below the knee with various pockets surrounding it. The Capri is accompanied with various low and fit tees and long heels for a gorgeous look.

Jeans Wrangler designs come with a simplified form as they are more focused to official wear. Most of their designs come on plain grounds, on which white wash, embroidery, print printing, etc. is carried out. Wrangler is a most trusted brand when it comes to thin layered but durable. Available in a wide range of colors, it is mostly sold in shades of blue and black that is specifically carried by the workers, and that is the main aim of the company. It provides a huge range of sizes that can fit the slimmest to the bulkiest individual with age no bar.