15 Popular Louis Vuitton Belt Designs For Men And Women In India

Louis Vuitton is the fashion house which was established in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The brand is quite famous for giving luxurious leather products that have adorned the look of both men and women. However, the company is famous for the branded Louis Vuitton belt varieties it provides the world with.

Best Louis Vuitton Belts For Men and Women with Images:

Let’s have a glance of some popular Louis Vuitton belt designs it has given to the youth,

1. Box Shade Belt:

Box Shade Belt

A stallion Louis Vuitton belt for men design which comes with two shades is made with both leather and cotton covering. The belt is also given shaded design on both the boxes which make the belt classier. This type of belt you can try on trousers and slim fit shirt, it gives proper look for your outfit.

2. Snake Leather Belt:

Snake Leather Belt

A slim Louis Vuitton men’s belt with a snake leather skin gives a dashing look to the formals. The belt is available in various different colours to match your outfit. The belt is mostly worn for official purpose. That man’s who are busy with their office stuff’s and they need a regular office wear use then these types of belts are always suiting their outfit.

3. Multicolor Monogram Leather Belt:

Multicolor Monogram Leather Belt

A black Louis Vuitton belt comes with a golden belt and multicolour designs on it. The belt is made with a black belt, on which prints are given of floral designs and the company logo in various other colours. It is best carried on jeans. This type of multicolour belt mostly prefers by youngsters these days. This gives comfort to youngsters on their jeans and tees.

4. Plain Leather Belt:

Plain Leather Belt

A simple and sophisticated design that can be carried for both an official look and party look is the plain Louis Vuitton men’s belt that comes with a stitched belt and a silver buckle that carries the company’s logo. If you are ok with the simple or plain branded belt then try this plain leather belt to your formal look.

5. Craved Leather Belt:

Craved Leather Belt

White Louis Vuitton belt is given a new looking with a craved design on the belt. The belt in white leather is given an amazing pin out style that makes designing holes in the belt. This is best suitable for men and women’s too, little if high in budget then go with some online option for this design.

6. Embossed Fabric Belt:

Embossed Fabric Belt

Quite trendy design in real Louis Vuitton belt with fabric is the navy blue embossed design belt. The belt is made with velvet fabric giving small square embossed designs with a soft touch. You can use this belt on dark blue jeans, prefer by men’s mostly. Dark navy blue gives an outstanding look to men’s jeans.

7. Pink Panther Belt Design:

Pink Panther Belt Design

Though pink colour is less liked by men, Louis Vuitton has introduced a new shade in pink which gives box designs in both plain pink and shaded pink on leather. This design specially designed for girls or women’s get these style of belt for your slim fit jeans outfit. Pink colour gives a nice look to this belt.

8. Wooden Design Leather Belt:

Wooden Design Leather Belt

A Louis Vuitton belt men design in brown is given a rough and tough look with a wooden inspired look on the belt made in leather. The belt is given a simple belt in silver with a good length with a stitched border. Used pure leather for this type of belt, less expensive but proper designed in your budget too. Wooden touch gives softness to this belt.

9. Pouch Belt Design:

Pouch Belt Design

An amazing design introduced by the Louise Vuitton is the belt which comes attached with a pocket pouch. Both the belt and the pouch are made with a similar design, widely used by men who travel a lot. If you don’t want to carry anything while travelling then this belt useful to carry small things like mobile or any id proofs too.

10. Denim Louis Belt:

Denim Louis Belt

Denim is popular for giving out robust designs, and Loui Vuitton belt with denim covering is one of the best designs to carry for casual wears. The slim belt also is given hanging hooks to wear chains. Denim is always best brand so try this belt for your unique impression.

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11. Shining Louis Belt with Buckle:

Shining Louis Belt with Buckle

A curvy and shining Louis Vuitton belt buckle design that comes with a golden buckle and golden print design looks quite splendid for casuals. The belt is also given a buckle that holds your important devices like cell phones.

12. Gold Vintage Belt:

Gold Vintage Belt

A magnificent men’s Louis Vuitton belt which is given a golden touch with the help of chains, golden belt and plain golden leather belt is quite adaptable for casuals and for parties. The belt gives a chain fitting on both the waists.

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13. Taupe Fabric Louise Belt:

Taupe Fabric Louise Belt

Central fabric belt design has been the best Louis Vuitton belt for men that come with both the fabric and the leather to give out a unique design. The centre of the belt is given a horizontal shading design with a complete golden buckle design.

14. Brown Stitched Belt Design:

Brown Stitched Belt Design

Brown colour has remained quite acceptable for belts. The Louis Vuitton men’s belt is given a plain and thread bordered opening and the central part is given fabric work with floral prints in dark and light shades.

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15. Scratched Louise Belt:

 Scratched Louise Belt

Louis Vuitton belt men collection in grey is given a scratched look with several dark shade lines across the leather belt. The belt is also given a similarly patterned buckle to make a perfect match.

The Louis Vuitton belt buckle comes with the logo of the brand, no matter how much spectacular the belt design is. The brand has mastery in giving out durable belts with a standardized design that along with canvas materials.