16 Beautiful Name Locket Designs For Men And Women

Locket is a piece of accessory or an ornament that enhances the beauty of your neckline as well makes you look pretty and fashionable. Lockets are the part of jewellery since ages and it was being worn by royal families.

name lockets

It was crafted on different metals like gold, silver, copper etc. Names were embossed on these metals very artistically and precious gems like diamond or Swarovski can also be tuned with them to enhance the beauty of the locket. It has yet again sprung back to action and style!

Different Types Of  Lockets With Names:

You can get name lockets in different shapes and designs just the way you like it. But wondering what are some name locket designs you could try? Here are some gold locket designs with names.

1. 22ct Gold Heart Embossed Name Locket:


This gold locket design is made of 22 ct gold and you can display your name very artistically in the middle. The locket is in the shape of a heart wherein you get to style your name in different shapes as well. As gold dazzles, the similar way your name also dazzles with it. As gold never goes out of fashion it safe to own gold heart shape pendant for you and look amazing. So, let’s try to get it writes your name on a heart locket.

2. Infinity Shaped Name Locket In Silver:


As the name describes, every one of us wants our relationship to last for infinite years. This beautiful piece of jewellery can add some beauty. The locket is made of silver metal and you could get them in different metals, as well as style and this locket is well adapted to be worn with casuals and even on cool hangouts.

3. Personalized Gold Name Lockets For Couples:


Many people love you to have a personal touch in their every belonging, even in the ornaments they wear. If that is how you like it, this name locket design adds a personal touch. It can hold you and your partner’s name and look amazing. You can engrave the name in any shape of locket you desire which embraces your persona and style.

4. Mom Embossed Lockets With Stones:


As the mothers are inseparable from our soul, these name lockets can be a tribute to mothers. This locket has the magical word “mom” embossed and you can even style some sparking precious stone at the bottom of alphabets. You can even stud your mom’s favourite colour stones. This name locket can truly be special.

5. 14 Karat White Gold Name Lockets:

This locket is crafted in 14 karat white gold and here you can hang your name in between as a locket making it visible to the world. You can hang them in different types of knotted chain to enhance the beauty of the locket as well as your neckline. These type of lockets are perfect for any kind of outfit you were making you flaunt your own style and fashion.

6. Lockets With Family Name Embossed:

As we all want our family to stay near to our heart, so this locket would work. As in the locket, you can artistically craft the name of all the members of your family and keep them close to your heart. In between the locket you can have danglers studded with diamond and colour stones which increase the beauty of locket with many folds. This type of personalized locket is perfect for the person who loves his/her family immensely.

7. Sliver Metal Name Lockets:


You can even design your locket in silver wherein the name can be engraved on the silver bar. It looks very simple but has a style and a touch of elegance involved. The locket is hanged with different types of knotted chain giving it a different look.

8. 18 Karat Gold Locket With Alphabets:


Some people like their initials on the locket, or sometimes their name’s first letter. In these types of lockets, you can calligraphy the alphabet in your own style and way making it looks unique and different. Here the locket is made of 18 karat pure gold and precious diamond is studded at the edge of an alphabet to make it look awesome. This gold locket design with the name will never go out of fashion. The other most common one is the s name locket.

9. Diamond Locket Name Design:


The shine of the diamond is something which makes you irresistible and lends you a royal look. This locket is made of gold and on top of the name, diamonds are embossed making it look royal and classy. The locket is perfect to wear on a daily basis as well on occasion also making you look elegant and stunning. How about this personalized name locket?

10. Sporty Name Locket Design For Men:


This type of locket would be perfect for the person who is in love with sports. The locket is in the shape of bicycle and on the wheels diamonds are embossed and near to seat you can craft your name. These types of lockets look classy and stand out to be an expensive one. Try out this name locket.

11. Circle Shaped Name Lockets:


This type of lockets is very charming and lends a cool look to the wearer. It is a circle-shaped locket where motifs are engraved and there you can emboss your name or your beloved name. These lockets look good on teenage girls giving them a style and fashion of their own. This is a typically funky locket you can wear.

12. Lock And Key Couple Name Lockets:


As we all want to keep our valuable things in lock and key and want to keep them safe, the similar meaning is implied by this locket. You engrave your name on these lockets communicating the world that you have it safely. It makes you look cool and is a perfect locket or hangout and night parties for both girls and boys.

13. Guitar Shaped Name Locket Designs:


This type of locket depicts your love and passion for music. The locket is in the shape of guitar and top of it a small miniature of a heart is attached displaying the eternal love for music. You can get these lockets in various shapes and designs and you choose according to your choice and style. This guitar style name locket is yet another popularly opted design.

14. Om And Ganeshji Name Lockets:


This type of locket displays your spiritual attitude and faith in God. In this locket, the word “OM” and Lord Ganesha is crafted in a beautiful way and in between rudraksha stone is embossed lending this locket a powerful vision. You can also engrave your name beside that if you like.

15. Rose Gold Name Lockets For Both Boys And Girls:


Rose gold is a metal which is a combination of gold and copper and is widely used to make jewellery. As it‘s a combination of two alloys the outcome and finish of this jewel is different and have a classy look. It’s an expensive metal and is very popular among womenfolk. The locket has a glossy finish and you can calligraph your name as per your style.

16. S Name Locket With Gold Chain:

S Name Locket With Gold Chain

This is a personalized gold locket with S alphabet. The embossed flower design and attached love symbol are giving a unique look to the locket. It will be the best party wear for women. It can wear as a mark of love as well.

Lockets with names have become a fashion statement for men, women as well as teenagers even, adore these types of lockets. The locket can be worn with any kind of outfit you wear and make your appearance more pronounced. You get different types of lockets which would suit your personality and can be the best accessory in your jewel box. Try customizing them the way you like it. So it’s time to explore the designs and grab a name locket for you.