25 Gold Temple Jewellery Designs

The art of Indian Jewelleries are divided into three kinds as temple jewellery, spiritual jewellery and bridal jewellery. The temple jewelleries in India are used as the jewellery adorn by the idols of Gods and Goddesses. Dated back the statues of god in India were ornamented with chunky necklaces that were either beaded in strings or filigree crafted which is difficult. Other ornaments that were adorned by the statues of deities included usually large gems studded bangles, earrings, big nose rings and anklets were also being used which were nicely crafted.

temple jewellery designs

The temple jewellery shifted from wearers; the jewellery used to be adorn by the idols were later worn by the dancers of temples and slowly, these temple jewellery designs came into fashion and became a part of the Indian Women’s bridal jewellery trousseau. Though the idols were the first wearer of the jewellery and this tradition continued, decorating them with jewellery. It is clearly visible today that the pattern of the jewellery of Indian women is made of the same pattern as worn by the idols. At present, temple jewellery is in trend and is one of the most popular crafts of India. The craze of temple jewellery among the women is high and this can be seen during festivals and other traditional occasion when they adorn them beautifully. They even wear the temple jewellery at the time of Worshiping God as they have a belief that it is auspicious and good luck to wear them.

In general, temple jewellery designed items like pendants, bracelets, belts and brooches are very popular and in trend among women especially during the auspicious occasions and wearing those are believed to bring good luck to the people. Though there are many designs but he most favourite among them for temple jewellery is that of Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesh with an elephant head which is known to bestow good luck and good fortune. The sacred symbol designs are also in high demand. You will be glad to know that the temple jewellery is not only popular among Indian but also among foreigners too.

Gold Temple Jewellery Designs:

Here are the top 25 gold temple jewellery designs as follows.

1. Maha Lakshmi Temple Jewellery Necklace:


Maha Lakshmi Temple Jewellery is well known for its intricate artwork in which something can be seen in jewels too and amongst all, this Jewellery remains to be very popular as it is believed to have originated at the time of Chola dynasty. Get decorated with different varieties of designs such as precious stones, pearls, alloys, glitters, plastics, beats and metals for the unique look and stand ahead from the crowd.

2. Temple Lakshmi Meta Coin Earrings:


This is the traditional Jewellery design which is made of finest gold patterns that are embedded with some of the precious gems and stones. This kind of designs originated in the South, particularly in Chennai. These are usually worn to enhance the beauty of the wearer. These are available in different colors, sizes and patterns. Temple earrings remain to be the most exclusive collection all over the world.

3. Temple Jewellery Design For Bride:


Temple bridal collections are worn by traditional south Indian women and brides at their weddings and festival times as this will make them more beautiful and elegant looking. This is one of the best temple jewellery designs for bride.

4. Temple Choker Designs:


Adorn yourself and your neck with this choker temple jewelry necklace that look like golden designs that comes with simple flower and square shaped clasps that were hanging across the necklace with stones and rubies.

5. Upper Armlets With Temple Design:


Get yourself an armlet of the very original and traditional temple design for all its beauty and creativeness thus making them more attractive and unique that makes you to stand ahead the crowd.

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6. Temple Design Bracelets With Peacock Design:


This temple design bracelets with peacock design were studded with flat stoned designs that attracts people easily at the person who wears this. Get the various designs through internet. This design of full rounded jewel is specially designed for the traditional look. Many temple design jewels can be worn with a variety of dresses but still seems to be gorgeous. It is the good looking temple collection jewellery.

7. Temple Design Bangles:


A simple bangle clutched with temple design idols seems to work well matching the color of your dress and this is why this design remain to be the best bridal collections for weddings. Getting the temple bangle designed with the floral patterns on their edges will be perfectly matching for any kind of occasions as it offers the trendier look.

8. Temple Ring Design:


Rings are the most delicate things as they are considered to be very special wearing at wedding ceremonies and also they can be gifted as presents to loved ones. If you have an idea of presenting a gift for your loved one, choose this which will be really awesome. These jewels are very different from anything that you can really imagine. Temple design jewelleries are inexpensive and while gifting this accessory to your loved one, you can feel gifting the expensive moment for them.

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9. Temple Design Anklet:


Nothing beats an anklet made of temple designs especially when they are carved with the idol and adding stones will make them more beautiful. But, most of people don’t use this as they believe not to wear temple designs at their foot. These temple design anklets are highly beneficial. Multi colored metals are used to make this cord anklet. You can wear this anklet for your regular basis.

10. Toe Rings Plated In Temple Design:


Women in specific, Indian women do have the ritual habitat of wearing the toe rings once if they got married. Going for the traditional temple designs will make you different looking from others but be sure to wear without any god or Goddess idols.

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11. Taraksi Temple Design Jewellery Bangles:


Taraksi temple jewellery bangle will not only be exquisite but also very much attractive too and these designs have been a norm across the society and this can be worn will all the gold ornaments across the world. The above temple bangle design was made with gems and stones and the top most of the ring rose floral design is placed which gives the most comfortable and an eye-catchy look. Temple design jewellery is an integral part of woman’s wardrobe. It is one of the perfect gold temple jewellery bangles for ladies.

12. Temple Design Kundan Necklace:


Temple design necklaces can be made from Kundan stones that are very attractive and unique. This can be worn along with any other jewel designs either it can be a traditional or trendy.

13. Nasi Work Temple Jewellery Set:


Nasi work temple Jewellery set will be totally worth owning and getting a heavy establishment on this set will make this design very familiar amongst all the other designs. Today, this is the design worn by most categories of people.

14. Traditional Temple Design Armlet:


The traditional temple design armlets are very ethnic in appearance having the beautiful carvings that are made out of gold on them thus making them more special, wearing this on wedding will be quite peculiar.

15. Goddess Ear Temple Design Hangings:


Today, temple design ear hangings having the God idols were holding a stylish look and stand ahead the competition due to its way of representing the new trend. Women wearing this jewel will look gorgeous thereby getting an enhanced look.

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16. Voylla Ramleela Earrings:


For people who search for a fashion wearable and ornament, this Voylla Ramleela earring will be the best choice. This design will be cheaper and trendy too when compared with all the other designs of temple collections.

17. Coin Garland In Temple Design:


If you are planning to get a new ornament to add with your existing temple collection jewellery, getting this Coin Garland n temple design will be pretty making your choice wise and stylish.

18. Temple Designed Lord Ganesh Waist Belt:


It’s time to add well designed Indian jewellery to your existing collection by purchasing the Temple designed Lord Ganesh Waist belt that looks extremely gorgeous and beautiful on wearing them.

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19. White Stone Temple Nose Rings:


Nose rings are existence from the ancient time as people believed it to be very traditional bringing good fortunes and luck to their lives. Indian women can get variety of designs just by a simple visit to the online stores.

20. Nakshi Work Temple Chain:


Nakshi work temple design jewellery chains evolved during the Mughal period and they have been used by the royal class people to a greater extent as these chains will have the capability of exposing the status of people to their outside world.

21. Temple Design Armlet:


Temple design armlet with Goddess design is a great way to make them look retro and beautiful by adding a divine element to them. If you want yourself to be naturally specific, go ahead with this design.

22. Golden Stud With Temple Goddess Design:


Golden stud with Temple Goddess Design will looks very ancient and wearing them will add grandeur to your simple jewelry collections when especially worn with heavy studded stones and stone drops to go matching with the color of your dress.

23. Temple Jewellery Set With Earrings:


Lately, most of the temple jewellery coming with matching earrings can be made from variety of stones and gems. This is especially preferable when you are in need of a trendy collection getting matched with your desire.

24. Full Set Temple Bridal Wedding Collection:


In Indian culture, weddings are considered to be the greatest occasion that happens once in the life of people. Women at the time of their wedding will opt for a temple jewellery collection as these collection sets will make them very homely and attractive without missing the feel of trendy and fashion thus making them look gorgeous. This is one of the popular temple jewellery designs for bridal wedding collection.

25. Rounded Pendant In Temple Design:


Round pendant temple designs are the most searched one amongst the latest temple jewellery designs due to their beauty, grand look, and golden tie-up designs. These can be made along with many other designs like peacock designs which takes the wearer to the next level of fashion world.

The demand for temple jewellery is going up, not to mention people’s craze for temple inspired designs. This was proved with many exhibitions of temple jewelleries as these are amazing. Besides, the styles of the temple designs are the past, the antique temple inspired jewelleries will be very affordable. Inspired by the ancient temple ornament designs, the antique temple designs are made of silver and comes with the gold plating.

Unlike imitation jewellery, these can be repaired and does not cause any skin rashes thereby protecting the people who wear it. However, making of this jewellery is not that much easy as they are hand crafted thus requiring lot of time. Today, these designs are coming in numerous styles of patterns like necklaces, Jhumki’s, pendants and bangles. There is a great demand for pendants especially for the traditional and latest temple jewellery designs.