25 Latest Gold Chain Designs For Men to Look and Feel More Masculine

Today, the world is slowly waking up to the fact that men’s jewellery is different from that for women. Ornaments have always fascinated humans. While women’s jewellery is often meant as an additional piece of attraction, why not design something interesting for men too? Jewellery for men is meant to complement the attire, not overwhelm. Trends may come and go, but one trend has remained constant for centuries and that is the gold jewellery designs. Either for men or women, worn with a pendant or alone, gold pieces will add instant oomph to any ensemble. The royal courts and the kings of yesteryears looked swag with gold chains.

gold chains for men

Throughout recorded history, the use of gold chains has been continued in one form or another down to this day and now, it is becoming a gained fashion for men to wear a men’s gold chain. Men used to buy and wear gold ornaments in an ostentatious display of their tremendous wealth, and their status in society. Amongst all, the most popular form of adornment was the men’s gold chain and so is not really a new fashion statement today.

Stylish and Trendy Gold Chains for Men with Images:

Among all forms of men’s jewellery available today, gold chains are believed to be the hardest to wear as they are different from other neck pieces. Usually, men’s chains are rough and rugged as they need to look worn and used over the years. The truth ever is that the brighter and shinier stuff will be harder to pull off. Though the chain of men seems to be a very tricky item of jewellery, it will be an easy style to master with a little practice. Here, you can get the most popular designs of real gold chains for men in India.

1. 14k Gold Rope Chains For Men:


Gold rope chain was specially made design for men is in the rich gold colour of 24 inches with 14k twisted solid links that are sturdy and very supple as it moves on the body. It is stamped 14k with a soldered two-stage safety clasp. This is a spectacular vintage rope chain that is 3 mm wide and 24 inches long. It is lightweight and eye-catchy.

2. Latest Design of Gold Chain for Guys:


For all the men who love wearing a chain, this would be the best choice as this will give a nice and decent look. Wearing this chain will make them sparkling as this flows through the body. Using this chain will hold your neck perfectly and securely. Men’s wearing this chain will look elegant with a real high fashion look.

3. Sterling 14k Gold Cut 24-Inch Rope Chain:


This gold neck chain for men is a sterling 14k gold cut 24-inch rope chain will be a pretty chain features a simple and elegant look as this design is complete with a 14-karat yellow gold over the sterling silver. It measures about 24 inches and the chain is a diamond cut that is secured with a lobster claw clasp. This chain is finished with a diamond cut.

4. Simon Frank Gold Cuban Chain For Men:


Enhance your wardrobe with this stunning Cuban chain from Simon Frank made with 14-Karat yellow gold and the principal alloy is silver that gives the chain an enduring look throughout the time which can be passed to the next generations. This latest gents gold chain design has a lobster claw that ensures easy opening and the anti-tarnish with high polished finish gives the necklace years of beauty.

5. Fremada 14k Yellow Gold Chains for Men:


Wearing this Fremada yellow gold curb chain around your neck will add a little to your outfit and this 14 karats yellow gold chain will be a casual way to accessorize on a daily basis. It will be perfect for hanging across to express your own style. Featured with a classic curb-link design, this will be an eye-catching design.

6. Olivetti Men’s 24 Inch Rope Chain:


Olivetti men’s 24- inch rope chain with its wide shape and light-weighted designs will be easy to put on and very comfortable to wear. This chain is secured with a lobster claw clasp and has longer durability with sturdy stainless construction. It will be a perfect choice for the long run and will look awesome when paired with a V-neck t-shirt.

7. Palm Beach Men’s Yellow Gold Overlay 30″ Chains for Men:


Palm Beach Yellow Gold Overlay 30″ chains for men features a large curb link chain wrapped in a warm yellow gold overlay on metal. Being secured with a lobster clasp, this looks stylish. A wearer can get the handsome look with this gold chain and can add a touch of bling to your outfit and can be easily worn with all the shirts.

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8. Sterling 14k Cuban Link Gold Chain for Men:


This classic and stylish sterling 14k Cuban linked gold chain for men is finely crafted with a rich 14 Karat yellow gold and ended up with a polished finish and secured with a lobster clasp. This comes in a variety of sizes like 22-inch, 24-inch, 26-inch, and 30-inch and so you get to choose your favourite gold chains for men.

9. Simon Frank 14k Gold Overlay Men’s Chain:


Add a touch of elegance to any outfit with this Simon Frank 14k gold overlay Men’s chain and this will give a simple and classic look that will be surely loved by you. This will be lightly weighted to wear adding a stylish look to the appearance of the wearer.

10. Men’s Gold Chain Filled With Curb Chain Finer Links:


Men’s gold chain filled with curb chain finer links will be available in all the sizes for women and men and is designed to suit all the people, inspired from a unisex design. This chain is filled with gold metal and highly secured with a lobster clasp with fastening 14-carat gold-filled stamp marking. The chain width is about 2.5 mm approximately.

11. Pori Italian 14k Gold-cut Snake Chain for Men:


This Pori Italian 14k Gold-cut Snake Chain for men is made with gold that ends up with a diamond cut will perfectly matchable for kids, and men. It can be gifted and is a perfect choice for presenting gifts as the black velvet pouch was included with a gold-tone and gold metal.

12. Gold Filled Chain Flat Snake Singapore Design For Men:


Gold-filled chain flat snake Singapore design for men was specially made for men and will be available in different sizes. Men’s wearing this chain will feel light weighted but, it doesn’t fail to add a perfect look to them. Even the small children can wear this as this will add beauty and a styled appearance.

13. Gold Filled Chain in Boxed Link Design:


Gold-filled chain in boxed link design will feature a style and classic look that will attract the others looking at this chain. Definitely wearing this chain will make an eye-catching look. This will be secured with clasps where the user doesn’t feel fear about losing it. Amongst all others, this design will be more stylish and elegant.

14. Sterling Essentials 14k Gold Plated Italian Laser-cut Rope Chain:


Sterling Essentials 14k Gold Plated Italian Laser-cut Rope Chain was made in Italy and this is an exclusive rope chain that features a sparkling laser-cut finish offering a unique and beautiful texture. This design was finely crafted with fine 14 karats yellow gold and this chain will be available in your choice of six different lengths.

15. 4k Yellow Gold Coral Starfish for Men:


This 4k Yellow Gold Coral Starfish for men was made in the sea life theme that features a beautiful diamond cut coral starfish and completed with a delicate mariner link chain which was secured with a spring-ring clasp. This is a classic design of piece for men and small boys as this chain will feature an easy wearing.

16. Sparkle Water Wave Gold Chain for Boys:


This sparkle water wave gold chain for boys was gold filled with a water wave design which makes this design a unique and stylish one from all the others. Wearing this chain will give long life and easy wearing without any disturbances. You can have a variety of choices over the online stores.

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17. Gold Filled Curb Chain With Finer Links For Men:


This gold-filled curb chain with finer links for men was made with the finer links and you can choose the designs as per your requirement. Purchasing this design through online will be the best option as you can get numerous designs over there. But, be sure to get the design which makes you and your look brighter and elegant.

18. Franco 10-karat Solid Gold Men’s Chain:


This Franco 10-karat Solid Gold Men’s Chain was crafted intricately in the Franco style and the yellow gold chain will definitely feature a high polish finish for the ultimate finesse. Selecting this design will be perfect for men of all ages as this will give them a masculine style on wearing. It can also be worn with a pendant.

19. 14k Yellow Gold 6.5 mm Hollow Franco Chain for Men’s And Boys:


Wearing this design will be perfect along with the pendants or it can also be worn on its own for the ideal complement to your ensemble. With a 6.5 mm width, it will highly enhance the look of the wearer. It is availing in all the sizes and you can get the one that best fits you.

20. 14-karat Yellow Gold 8-mm Solid Rope chain for Men:


This 14 karat yellow gold chain measures about 8 mm was made along with the rope chain that suits men by making them look unique and different from that of others. It will be best to purchase through the online stores as they can give more designs and styles depending on your choice.

21. 10K Franco Gold Chain For Men:


The 10k gold chain for men was made in the Franco model that makes this design unique and stylish. This design is the most liked one among all the other designs. Wearing this design will be the perfect choice that fits the persons of all the ages. Try this different gold chain design for men.

22. Fremada 10k Yellow Gold Chains for Men:


This Fremada 10k Yellow Gold Chain for men with a classic Venetian box design does offer a highly polished finishing look as this was crafted with a 10 karat gold that secures the chain with a spring-ring clasp. You can wear this alone or by combining it with a pendant which will add additional beauty. The highly polished finishing will give this chain a catchy and captivating appearance to the viewers who look at this design.

23. Round Curb Thick Z Gold Overlay Chains for Men:


This rounded curb thick men’s gold chains with a Z overlay will be the best choice of chains for men and this will be the perfect idea of wearing at the events like the casual events that looks simple in nature due to the thickness of the band used in the design.

24. Yellow Gold Heavyweight Men’s Gold Chain:


It is the latest gold chain for men’s jewellery. It is a yellow gold chain with a heavyweight has a thick tangle of both polished and textured that adds elegance to the person who wears it. This design is crafted out of a 14 karat gold jewellery that secures a lobster claw clasp. This will be the best among all the gold chains for men available.

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25. Yellow Gold Petite Chains for Men:


The gold chain designs for men are now available in different designs and patterns and one among that is the yellow gold petite chains for men will give a gorgeous look for the person who wears it. If you are interested you get a new design, choosing this design will be a wise choice.

Nevertheless, there will be always new styles and designs which will be continuously created by Artisans. Not all that glitters are gold and hence, spend some time doing research before you decide to purchase a chain for yourself. Keep an eye on the latest trends and designs that exist in the market. At the same time, learn more about the reliable and reputed jewellery manufacturers from where you can obtain them.