40 Simple and Modern Pearl Necklace Designs 2020

40 Simple and Modern Pearl Necklace Designs 2020

Pearl is the only gemstone which is found inside a living creature. Pearls necklace jewellery always looks very elegant as they have a simple look. Pearls are much adored on special occasions like a wedding because of the stone’s significance of purity and innocence. Pearls are found in different shapes and pattern, and you can choose them according to your taste. The pearls are also available in different colours like black, blue, white and pink etc.

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Latest Pearl Necklace Designs: (Single and Multi Real Pearls) Blue, White and Black-

Each symbolizes the unique meaning of it and looks very attractive. Let’s discuss some real pearl necklaces for women in wedding and daily wear:

Pearl Necklaces are one of the most preferred jewellery in India and also in other parts of the world. It is mainly because of their wide variety and their ability to suit everyone. They can be custom made or designed and can be paired up with almost any piece of clothing to go along as an accessory.

Read on to know the top 40 pearl necklaces to suit your requirement,

1. Pearl Necklace in Gold:

This gold pearl necklace is the favourite of most Indian traditional festivals/functions. They can be matched up with the earrings that come along with the necklace and can be paired up with any traditional attire like salwar kurta or saree etc.

2. Blue Pearl Necklace Set:

This blue pearl necklace is the one which can be worn by people who wish to look grand at a party or function. Although it is lightweight, it can look really heavy and can give your entire look a revamp. This necklace is a mix of American diamonds and pearls which gives it contrast and gives it a different look than regular pearl necklaces.

3. Flower Pearl Necklace in Silver:

This necklace has a contemporary design and is one which can be worn on western attires. It has small pieces of placed on a leaves and flower base design. It is one unique piece in pearl necklace designs.

4. String Pearl Necklace:

This simple pearl necklace is for those who want to look sophisticated. This string pearl necklace is best to be accessorised with formal attire and can be paired with a pair of stud pearl earrings. They are lightweight and minimal in look.

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5. Pearls Zinc Necklace:

This red pearl necklace comes with 21k gold plating. It has a pendant like the large piece at its centre. It will be best suitable to be worn on traditional attire and can be worn with earrings and matching bangles too. The white and red contrast gives this necklace an elegant look.

6. Single Pearl Pendant Necklace:

This pendant pearl necklace is a bit different than the rest of the necklaces in the lot. It is very simple and is best preferred when you’re looking to accessorise minimally. It can be paired with a bracelet or pearl studs to compliment the overall look. The necklace is made of fine string and one pearl attached as a long pendant.

7. Three Layer Multi Pearl Necklace:

This freshwater pearl necklace is the best for ones looking for a necklace that can be used multiple times and on multiple occasions. Because of its freshwater pearl, the pearls look shiny and bright. The three layers are joined by a hinge that binds the necklace.

8. Choker Necklace Pearl:

This is an antique pearl necklace which is best suited for the contemporary women, who like to experiment with their fashion with a blend of old and modern designs. This necklace can be worn over different attires be it saree or a long skirt. It can be paired up with earrings to complete the look.

9. Tahitian Necklace:

This black pearl necklace is slightly different from the lot mainly because of the colour of its pearls. These black pearls can be adorned by women who are looking to add a unique dimension to their look. It can be paired up with stud earrings or danglers as well. They are best suited for western attires.

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10. Cultured Necklace with Pearl Pendant:

This Southsea pearl necklace is the one which can be adorned women of any age. It can go well with any attire to give you that minimal look while still making you look elegant. It is made of metal string with a single south sea pearl pendant and is easy to carry.

11. Strand Necklace:

This pink pearl necklace is one which is new into the category of pearl necklaces. It is demanded by many women who are looking for necklaces which can give them minimal look while still keeping the accessory in focus. These pink pearls are different in look and can go well with both formal and informal attire.

12. Coloured Necklace:

This green pearl necklace is one which can be adorned by women on simple attires to give a heavy look. It is not minimal jewellery and hence has to wear on not so heavy attire. It is a combination of diamonds and green pearls and dangler earrings. Overall, this necklace can give people a fuller and grand look.

13. Silver Necklace:

Pearl necklaces are either paired with silver or gold. Gold pearl necklaces are most preferred for functions and weddings but its silver necklaces that are the choice of women when talking about accessory to be used in a formal setup. This silver pearl necklace can be used by women to accessorise their attire for a formal function. It is made of metal alloy with designs and pearls placed in between to give it a contemporary look.

14. Stone Necklace:

This semi-precious stone pearl necklace is a real beauty. It is designed with the detailed placing of colourful semi-precious stones all over the necklace with pearls attached to its bottom. It is fit to be worn on Indian attires and grand functions. When paired with earrings, it can give an elegant look to suit your style.

15. Graduated Necklace:

This classic graduated long pearl necklace is the one which many like to wear because of its subtle white look. It does not go heavy on your attire while still keeps an accessorised looks. It can be worn on a saree or lehnga to enhance the look.

16. Mixed Pearl Necklace:

What makes this necklace unique is its blend of white and black pearls. It can be worn on a saree, formal attire, a suit etc. It is really simple in appearance yet elegant. It can be paired up with stud earrings to complete the look.

17. Designer Pearl Necklace:


18. Oval-shaped Necklace:

This oval-shaped gold pearl necklace can never go out of fashion. It has been chosen and preferred by women all over the world because of its simple yet attractive design. It is a string of golden pearls that can be worn over both traditional and formal attires.

19. Blue Lapis Necklace:

This small pearl necklace is made of blue lapis and white pearls. This colour combination makes this necklace a unique one in the lot. It can go very well on plain sarees and also salwar suits. It can be paired with dangler earrings or studs to complete the look.

20. Akoya Pearl Necklace:

Akoya pearl necklace is a single pearl necklace that can be adorned by women on traditional occasions, but due to its minimal look, it is chosen to be worn on formal occasions. It can be paired up with bracelets and stud earrings to go along with the attire. It is easy to carry and can make you look trendy and in vogue.

21. Brown Pearl Necklace:

This brown pearl necklace is different from the rest of the necklaces. This necklace can be worn on light coloured clothes to blend well. It is a simple necklace made of brown pearls on a single string. It can give you a sophisticated look when worn on formal attires.

22. Yellow Gold Necklace:

This yellow gold baroque pearl necklace is the latest pearl necklace design. It is trendy and is designed in such a way that it can be worn on multiple occasions. It is a three-row necklace and looks like a choker necklace when worn. It can be paired with dangler earrings and stud earrings to complete the look.

23. Tin Cup Necklace:

This necklace is made of blue baroque Akoya pearl necklace. It can be worn on a saree, a salwar suit or on formal attire too. It is minimal in look, but can also give you a fashionable look. It is designed in such a way that it doesn’t look too heavy as an accessory as well also doesn’t look too simple.

24. Bridal Necklace:

This bridal necklace is the one who can make a bride look grand and lavish. It is a three strand necklace which designed to special for brides to match up to their heavy attires. It is gold plated and hence is shiny and heavy in look but it is easy to carry and manage and can make your bridal look complete.

25. Rose Gold Necklace:

When it comes to necklaces gold never goes out of fashion. But rose gold with a combination of pearl is the best way to go fashionable. This trendy rose gold necklace is designed for modern women to accessorise in their comfort zone. It can go very well on formal attires and can also be carried well with traditional attire. When paired with rose gold pearl stud earrings it can complete the look.

Pearl necklaces never go out of fashion; they can be worn on multiple occasions and multiple attires. Lightweight and easy to carry, they can be the best accessory a woman can wear. They come in different designs and colours to suit everyone’s requirement.

26. Simple White Pearl Necklace:


Simple jewellery is always unique and awesome to look at that. The same goes for this simple pearl necklace. It’s simple to look add the sparkling effect of the white pearls make it look amazing. Simplicity is always admired and the wearer of this pearl necklace would also be adorned. This type of necklace is worn my mid-age and elderly women’s and can be worn of any occasion desired by you.

27. Small Pearls Necklace in Gold:


Gold is very auspicious and you can never go wrong with gold. A pearl studded in gold necklace looks very pretty and gives a charming look to the wearer’s neck. These types of the necklace are very popular since a decade and even among all age group of womenfolk.

28. Antique Pearl Necklace for Wedding:


This is the unique combination of white pearls designed in the shape of the flower. The mix and match of the pearl make the necklace awesome and is the perfect choice to be worn on weddings as well in parties also. This type of locket can be a style statement in itself by the way one carries off the look.

29. Thin Small Pearl Necklace for Girls:


People who don’t like to wear jazzy and broad jewels. This is the apt choice, thin pearl necklace. In this necklace, the thin and smaller size of the pearls is used, studded in the gold chain. You can even stud these small thin pearls in any metal you prefer and appear sober and elegant.

30. Gray Pearl Necklace in Ribbon Tie Style:


Pearls are available in different colours like grey, black and of course white etc. The necklace is knotted in the ribbon style and in between the grey pearls are embossed making it appear different and charming. The craftsmanship of this necklace is speechless and gives a dazzling look to the necklace. It can really stand out when one wear this necklace itself, can speak volume about the person.

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31. Simple Pearl Necklace in Silver Metal:


Silver metal is always in demand and any type of precious stone or pearls gels with it and the outcome of the ornament is mind-blowing. This type of pearl necklace in silver is a hit in women and makes them look trendy and stylish. These types of necklace can be a perfect gift to your loved ones also.

32. Single Pearl Necklace with Diamonds:


The dazzling effect of the diamond makes you open your eyes wide and if with that beautiful pearl is attached then a breathtaking necklace is crafted. This type of necklace is all-time hit and adds charm to the personality of the wearer and cannot stop the comments flowing towards her.

33. Bridal Pearl Necklace Jewellery Set:


Wedding is the most precious and important day in women life and she wants to appear exclusive on her special day. Pearl necklace is the perfect choice for her as it gives her the radiance and glow to her face and lends her a complete bridal look.

34. Multiple Strand Pearl Necklace in Gold Chain:


Women’s love to wear a necklace in layers or multiple strands also. The chains can be made of silver or gold metal. In this, the pearls are embossed in the gold chain and sparkling white pearls are embossed in stylish pattern enhancing the visual effect of the necklace.

35. Beautiful Designer Pearl Necklace for Teens:


Females are very conscious of fashion and always adore designer and trendy ornaments in their jewel box. Here come a new concept of the necklace where gold metals have been transformed in an oval shape and in between black, silver and golden pearls are studded give it a stunning and designer look to the necklace. The wearer of this necklace would flaunt in style and create a fashion statement of her own.

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36. Triple Pearl Necklace for Woman:


This type of pearl necklace is one of the simplest and unique necklaces and its design and pattern never go outdated. The shinning pearls are hanged in the simple chain making you appear elegant and the prettiest woman in the crowd. It can be worn as good office wear and also on simple hangouts also.

37. Multiple Pearl Twisted in Necklace:


In this type of necklace, the small and bigger size of pearls is used to craft a necklace. The pearls are twisted in a special pattern to give it an exclusive look thus making you look awesome. The necklaces beautifully adorn the neck. These necklace are very delicate thus very light in weight.

38. Pearl Necklace with Black Beads:


Jewellery speaks a lot about one’s personality and hence the necklace worn by a female can communicate for the overall persona of that person. This type of necklace enhances the attire of the woman and gives you a royal and classy look. The multiple strand necklace can be perfect wedding wear and the black beads blend perfectly with the shine and brightness of the white pearls.

39. Dark Blue Pearl Necklace Set:


Pearls come in different colours thus giving a striking look. It is being said that the person who wears blue pearls find their love. In this necklace, the white and blue pearls are used beautifully and the kundans are embossed on the top giving the necklace an antique and exclusive look.

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40. Stylish Pearl Necklace for Women:


Here comes the most amazing and exclusive, stylish piece of necklace for you. The mix and match of black and white pearls with crystals make his necklace look modern with a symbol of royalty in it. The craftsmanship and the combination are brilliant giving a spectacular look to the wearer of this necklace.

Pearl necklace is the ones you can wear on any occasion, office wear or in parties also without any hitch. As the pearl necklace look simple but they make you appear pretty and charming in the crowd and the wearer would be loaded with compliments. Pearl necklace can be worn on any outfit like saris, westerns and even formals. Even young girls adore the pearl necklace as it displays their innocence and makes them look pure and beautiful.