5 Ways to Break the Fashion Rules

5 Ways to Break the Fashion Rules

There are the Golden Rules of Fashion every fashionista should keep- or break. How many times we heard that some patterns, colors and fabrics don’t go well together? What if you would have a little fun breaking these commandments? Here are 5 ways to break the fashion rules at least once in our life and have fun with it.

1st Fashion Rule – Certain Colors Don’t Match

It would be a real pity if you would restrict your outfit to boring basic color combos. That’s why try to think on a larger scale. The colors of the rainbow are waiting to be paired. The only condition is to find the perfect shades, you must avoid wearing a neon with an inky color.

Rather opt for pastel tones for all the pieces, neon or bright colors for the whole outfit. Try the following combinations black/blue, red/pink, yellow/pink and black/ brown. The later pair is really debated, however these colors are basic colors and in fact fit any other color. So wear them with confidence.

5 Ways to Break the Fashion Rules

2nd Fashion Rule – Don’t Mix Patterns

Mixing different prints and fabrics can be quite tricky, however if you think you’re ready to take the chance you might want to try it.

Several designers tried it – why not step onto a minefield. Think of those people who wear a certain patterns from top to toe. You can’t look more ridiculous and boring than that.

So, make new combos and put on stripes and dots, checks and stripes, checks and dots. These might actually work, the point is to match the colors. If you take the risk of pairing different prints, choose dominant colors. This way you’ll create a balance in your outfit.

3rd Fashion Rule – Plus-size Ladies Should Wear Loose Clothes

Who would confuse form-fitted clothes with suffocating skirts and pants? An outfit that emphasize curvaceous forms can be very stylish even on a plus-size lady. You should not stick to loose, baggy clothes – these will only make you look and feel bigger than you really are – the key is to get the size that fits you perfectly. Learn tricks to camouflage your weak points and accentuate your strengths. A beautiful cleavage and neat legs will look – and feel – great.

5 Ways to Break the Fashion Rules

4th Fashion Rule – Match Your Shoes to Your Dress

It might seem really brave to try this, but it actually works. Pair a girly dress with a pair of colorful Chucks for a dramatic effect on a formal occasion. Check out celebs who already practice this new trend and steal some of their basic tricks.

5th Fashion Rule – Don’t Wear Both Silver and Gold

This is probably the most popular ‘must’ in today’s fashion. Wearing them only separately would suggest a conservative attitude. Why not combine these two – moreover match them with other metals. It would be a brilliant idea to layer them. Whether you prefer to wear more eye-popping pieces or discreet ones, it depends on your personal preferences and personality.