8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits

8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits

Whether you’re planning your outfits for a Christmas party, an office holiday party or a big New Year’s bash, make sure you pick looks that are both flattering and trendy. Check out some of the most important trends for holiday party outfits that will make you stand out and shine at any party this holiday season.

Celebrate in style with the right look, from the festive red and green tartan to the newly trendy Christmas cammo, or go for a more classic look with a punk edge or an outfit inspired by menswear, right on trend this holiday season.


Perfectly suited for holiday parties, tartan is the chic cousing of plaid, with smaller shapes that make for a much more elegant look. They’ve been a big part of some highly praised fall/winter 2020 collections, from Versace to Givenchy. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, red and green tartan is the obvious options, but you can also try other elegant combinations, even black and white this holiday season. It’s one of the coolest trends for holiday party outfits, and you can also layer it for a more subtle, but still trendy look.

8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits

Christmas Cammo

Until recently, going for the glitz and upstaging the decorations wasn’t the best option for the holidays, but Gwyneth Paltrow crossed the line and never looked back. Christmas camouflage is the most surprising of the trends for holiday party outfits, but you shouldn’t overlook it without even considering it.

Wearing a Matthew Williamson dress at a recent charity event in London, Gwyneth Paltrow faded right into the background as she stood in front of the huge Christmas tree. Don’t be afraid to shine bright this holiday season with a dress that looks just as flashy as the tree decorations.

8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits

Punk Edge

Indulge your inner bad girl with a little punk edge, one of the coolest trends for holiday party outfits. Whether you mix in a little patent leather or metallic touches, you can show off your style even at the office holiday party. Even the fall/winter 2020 Chanel collection featured plenty of punk touches, so add a little bit of edge to a little black dress and you’re set to go.

Full-Skirted Dresses

Get into the party spirit with a dress that shows off your attitude. The tight bodice and full flowy skirt combination is making a cool comeback, and it’s the perfect party dress. You can also mix it up with a couple of punk accessories or go for a more classic look that makes you feel like you’re attending the biggest ball of the year. Think prom dress with a twist, and add this look to the list of trends for holiday party outfits you should keep handy when you go shopping.

Skirt Suits

If you don’t have time to change before the holiday office party, your top pick should be a skirt suit, that helps you transition smoothly from the workday to the party atmosphere. Featured in fall/winter collections like Burberry Prorsum and Victoria Victoria Beckham, the skirt suit can sometimes look too costumey if it’s matched in a fun print, but stick to a more subtle look and you’ll be party-ready right after work.

8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits8 Trends for Holiday Party Outfits

Touch of Pink

Pink is usually a spring color, but it’s also close to the top of the trends for holiday party outfits list this year. Don’t go for bright pink, and try not to make it the biggest part of your outfit, but try to include it in your party looks this holiday season. Whether it’s berry pink or a dusty rose, wear it with confidence, and rock this cool trend.

Menswear Inspired Tailoring

Good tailoring with a few menswear inspired touches is another excellent option for holiday parties this season. As seen on the runway in collections by Emporio Armani and Donna Karan, the menswear inspired look doesn’t have to include pants. A tailored blazer with a cute skirt can be the perfect look for an office Christmas party. If you feel it’s too masculine, play up the feminine vibe through your accessories.

Oversized Outerwear

Even if you simply end up throwing it on the host’s bed, outerwear is becoming increasingly important for the party look. Go big with oversized jackets and coats that complete your outfit and you’ll check one of the most important trends for holiday party outfits this season.

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