9 Amazing Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work

9 Amazing Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work

No matter what the style of your saree, the right kind of blouse to go with it only brings out the gorgeousness even better. To work it out, these saree blouses are here to help, thus making your job easier for the go. Besides, these designs also abide by the current trends, so you don’t have to worry about other surpassing your style in any way.

Beautiful Collection of Blouse Back Neck Designs with Stone Work:

Let we have to look at the best designs back neck blouse with stone work.

1. The Betel Leaf Sequin:

blouse back neck designs with stone work

This one is a perfect blouse to be worn at any party. It is not only gorgeous but also features a very detailed intricate stone work. You can see how the centre of the whole pattern is a betel shaped sequin. Apart from that, the neck stonework also gives this blouse a gorgeous look.

2. Black Beauty:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work2

This one is black all the way, and among blouse back designs with stone work, this one is featured because of how gorgeous it is. The white stones highlight and complement the colour of the blouse. There are stones of all sizes added to get the styling done right. Perfectly done, the latkans add to the dimension.

3. Multicoloured Blouse with Stone Works:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work3

The blouse is unusual from the usual stone work back neck designs that you see. It involves most of the stonework done around the centre of the neckline. It is one of the simpler designs, and the whole pattern is kept detailed using thread and stones of multiple colours.

4. The Wedding Blues:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work4

This one most certainly will look best on the bride. Heavily ornamental, the small stones on blue give the blouse a unique look. An intricate floral design has been led out throughout the blouse, making it peak up your style quotient.

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5. The White Stones:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work5

This blouse is a see-through one but features a stone work blouse back neck design that is beautiful. The pearl beads make this blouse perfect to be a bridal one, while the three-quarter sleeves make it look even better.

6. Lady in Green:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work6

The blouse is like two worlds in one, with one side being see-through while the other green. Big stones are used here to cover the whole while net perfectly.

7. Round Necked Blouse:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work7

The blouse shown here has an opening in the centre while both sides use laces to keep the shoulders in place. Stones are white in colour throughout the blouse, accentuating its beauty. It is perfect for parties or weddings.

8. The Peacock Design:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work8

This stone work blouse can be well embraced with pattu sarees. If you like it colourful, this is the perfect bridal attire for you. The same stone work is repeated on the sleeves as well if you notice well.

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9. Stones and Cut Works:

Blouse Back Neck Designs With Stone Work9

For the final blouse, what you see here is a mix of perfectly cut stones, which are placed on one side of the blouse. The design looks like a mesh and the blouse can be worn best with all sorts of silk sarees.

Now that you have seen it all, it should be easier for you to pick your style as per your preference, leaving no scope for second thoughts and doubts. You can order online as well, since there are so many designs to choose from, and it also saves you the hassle. The stone work will go with any saree design and bring out the gorgeous look in you well.