9 Amazing Pair Rings for Couples in Gold and Silver

Wedding and engagement are the two big days in a person’s life. While deciding on this important day one major item bears most importance. That is the selection of the rings that the couple will wear. It’s now very trendy to buy couple rings that are a matching pair.

Matching Pair Rings for Couples in Wedding or Engagement:

Here the two rings are part of a set and the rings will have some pattern that is common to each of them.

1. Heart Ring Pair for Couples:

pair rings for couples

This is one of the most romantic pairs that a couple can buy. The ladies’ ring will have a heart shaped diamond encrusted in the ring. This beautiful ring is simple yet elegant and is perfect as a wedding or engagement ring. The gents’ ring will have a cut out of the same heart shape in the center. There may be engraving on the ring too.

2. Diamond Engraved Ring for Couples:

Diamond Engraved Ring for Couples

Here the pair of rings sports a diamond in the center. The ladies’ ring will have a crown shaped prong in which sits a beautiful diamond. The gents’ ring will also have a diamond sitting in a hollow center. Meaningful words may be engraved in each of these rings.

3. Plain Band Style Ring for Couples:

Plain Band Style Ring for Couples

If the couple is simplistic and wants a very plain band style, this is the perfect match. The rings are made of platinum or gold. These types of pair rings for couples are most suited for weddings. There will be engraving of the date of marriage or the names of the couples within the inner lining of the ring.

4. Couple Pair Rings for Love:

Couple Pair Rings for Love

The ultimate design for love is the heart shape. Here the rings bear half of the heart shape each and when placed together form the complete half. It is very sentimental and looks elegant. The heart shape will normally have a little diamond in the center to add to the charm.

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5. Quirky Style Rings for Couples:

Quirky Style Rings for Couples

The latest trend in the fashion world includes these quirky rings. They normally have cute designs that are not the traditional type. Pictures of a boy and girl could be engraved in either ring with a subtle hint at humor.

6. Gold Pair Rings for Couples:

Gold pair rings for couples

Pair rings for couples in gold are very common as gold is the best choice for jewelry. These gold rings offer a wide range of products that look elegant, classy and sophisticated. You can also have these rings matched with precious or semi precious stones to add that touch of love.

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7. Silver Couple Rings:

Silver Couple Rings

Pair rings for couples in silver are even great since its color matches beautifully well with gemstones like diamonds and emeralds. Silver rings are always a choice for silver wedding anniversaries. You can also have funky designs etched in silver.

8. Engraved Rings for Couples:

Engraved Rings for Couples

Pair gold rings for couples or even platinum ones are very good for engraving. The couple chooses the most meaningful words that love and these are then engraved on the rings. Each ring will have the same words or they may be split on each ring to have a complete meaning when joined.

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9. Infinity Couple Pair Ring:

Infinity Couple Pair Ring

Infinity ring pairs for couples are very symbolic and show the love that lasts forever. These rings have the symbol of infinity in the center. These can be made in gold, platinum or silver. The symbol itself can be encrusted in tiny diamonds.

The love of a couple is symbolized by the rings they wear. This shows their love for each other. Pair rings are the perfect way to show your love for each other. These give you the opportunity to put your words on metal and also to have something that is uniquely part of your loved one.