9 Attractive Heart Anklets With New Styles in Trend

Indian women across ages have adorned themselves with stunning jewelry. Among these is the perfect and wonderful anklet. The anklet is worn round the foot. The latest fashion trend is to wear the anklet only on one foot. Whether you choose to wear them around your feet or just a foot, this beautiful and delicate item is sure to impress everyone. Select a style that is gorgeous and make heads turn. The latest barefoot style is perfectly complemented with these heart anklets.

Beautiful Heart Anklets:

Here is a list of 9 types of heart anklets. Select the anklet according to the occasion you are to attend and then see how many compliments you receive.

1. Multi- Heart Anklet:

Multi- Heart Anklet

Go in for a multi-heart anklet to adorn your foot beautifully. The anklet hearts in gold are tiny but stunning. The chain is surrounded by at least six heart shapes and it gives a fullness and body to the anklet. Choose multi-heart anklets for a complete fashion statement.

2. Double Chain Heart Anklet:

heart anklets

This subtle double chain heart anklet- bracelet is something that will be loved by women who are fashion forward. The simple yet elegant heart shape in gold is quite simplistic. But the double chain here makes all the difference.

3. Sequined Heart Anklet:

Sequined heart anklet

Choose this absolutely cute silver heart anklet to show off your feminine side. The exquisite heart shape is sequined and this gives out a nice glamorous effect. The simple single chain in this anklet makes you look really stunning.

4. Retro Heart Anklet:

Retro heart anklet

Want something entirely unique? Here’s the perfect heart anklet for you. This retro Tibetan heart anklet is stunning. It is adorned with tiny plum flowers in silver. The center heart shape itself is done in filigree work to give this anklet a really dazzling look.

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5. Infinity Heart Anklet:

Infinity heart anklet

Choosing something for a bride to be? Get this masterpiece in gold. The infinity heart shape is synonymous with marriage and love. Here the shape is created with two heart shapes joined together. A bride will love this heart anklet and treasure it the most.

6. Cutout Heart Anklet:

Cutout heart anklet

Cut work done in any form gives a very nice look. This gold heart anklet is one such piece. The cut out heart shape is delicate and is perfect for women who would like to portray a more simple and subdued look. The delicate chain for this anklet is also lovely.

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7. Thick Chain Heart Anklet:

Thick chain heart anklet

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. This thick chain heart anklet in silver is adorned with a lovely heart shape pendant studded in diamonds. The heart pendant is perfect for a lovely bride or someone in love.

8. Charms Heart Anklet:

Charms heart anklet

Select a heart anklet that has heart charms on it for a really cute look. This fashionable piece of jewelry is sure to melt hearts. The six tiny heart charms linked on heart shape chain hooks look adorable around a foot. Perfect for little girls and younger women, this anklet is gorgeous.

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9. Crystal Heart Anklet:

Crystal heart anklet

Shine like the sands on the beach on a clear crystal day with this crystal heart anklet. The anklet is adorned with stunning and striking crystals that give out a luminous effect. The crystal heart is filled and not hollow. The anklet shines in the sunlight and looks absolutely stunning.

As you can see, the wonderful heart anklets are thing of beauty. The heart anklets made in gold, silver or even diamonds make it quite striking. Select the anklet according to the occasion you are to attend and then see how many compliments you receive. Be it a heart shape that is hollow, filled or full, the delicate anklet is sure to fill your heart with love. Heart anklets are beautiful and delicate jewelry items for your foot. They make your foot look stunning.