9 Awesome 30 Gram Gold Bangles Images And designs

9 Awesome 30 Gram Gold Bangles Images And designs

Women are generally crazy for jewelry, especially Gold Jewelry. Bangles are something that they wear it regularly and then there are special ones for occasions like weddings, receptions, parties, family functions and umpteen more. There are plenty of 30 gms and gold bangle designs that are made especially for such occasions.

Best Gold Bangles Designs In 30 Grams:

Here are a few top 9 gold bangles designs in 30 grams,

1. Gold Diamond Yellow 30 gm Bangle:

Gold Diamond Yellow 30 gm Bangle

This is a very delicate and elegant bangle. This is twisted and has a flower embedded between the edges. It has a clasp at the side with cashew-nut design. It has a sophisticated and poised look. This one will be a good choice when you decide to gift your wife.

2. Gold Bangles with Intermittent Designs:

Gold Bangles with Intermittent Designs

This set can be used regularly. It adorns the delicate hands of the lady. There are around 4 intermittent designs across the bangle. It has a highly glossy finish and also a prominent elegant beaded pattern. This one always will be a good choice.

3. Fancy Gold Bangle in 30 gms:

Fancy Gold Bangle in 30 gms

This fancy bangle is very much suitable for occasions like weddings and receptions or family functions. It has a unique square shape on the outside. This is double layered and has floral cutouts on the outer sides. It is of a contemporary design and goes with trendy sarees or lehengas. This is a nice collection of the party wear jewelry patterns.

4. Thick Gold 30gm Bangle:

Thick Gold 30gm Bangle

A Thick 30 gm gold bangles with shell designs and white gold it between to create a marking effect. This ornament is generally worn by brides along with glass bangles that make her look dashing. If you are looking 30gm god bangles for your dear one then this is a different style will be nice as a choice.

5. Leaf Shape 30 gm Bangle:

Leaf Shape 30 gm Bangle

A very delicate bangle that has leaf shapes attached together. Diamonds studded at the veins of the leaves. This is an excellent choice to wear for evening get-togethers or parties. It looks stylish and smart. This one comes with luxuries style in a pattern.

6. Mango Motif in 30 gms Bangle:

Mango Motif in 30 gms Bangle

This gold bangles 30 grams goes well with traditional wear. It is broad and has an elevated ridge in between with mango motifs on either side. This is little heavy thick bangle in gold collections under 30 gms.

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7. Gold Kadas in 30 gms:

Gold Kadas in 30 gms

This Kada is given an antique look. Gold balls on the top make it look awesome. The Geometric designs and the dainty beads give it a prominent look. It has a coppery finish.

8. Gold Broad Kadas:

 Gold Broad Kadas

These Broad Gold Kadas look sophisticated. Embedded with rubies and pearls it has a distinguished appearance. They are sufficient to adorn the hands of the bride.

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9. Gold and Pearl kada:

Gold and Pearl kada

A broad Gold bangle embedded with numerous small moti/pearls. It looks very rich and classy. Perfect accessories that will make you look stunning and exceptional.

Bangles adorn the hands of a woman. Be it broad or thin, any type of bangles makes a woman charming and elegant. Since we have to be both presentable and careful on such occasions, there are 30 gram gold bangles that are weightless but still have the same dignified look. You will get a good designer pattern in wide collections of gold bangles, get a few of your favorite designs or else you can personalize gold bangles in your way for your loved one. Try any idea which will comfortable in your budget too.

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