9 Beautiful 25 Grams Gold Necklace Designs In India

The 25 grams gold necklace designs are to enhance women’s appearance. An attractive golden necklace could be a confidence enhancer for all the ladies out there. Be it parties or any major events ladies would love to flaunt those gorgeous sets. There are many patterns available based on the weight of gold.

Best Gold Necklace Designs In 25 Grams:

Here are few gold necklace designs which are less than 25 grams,

1. Golden Beaded Necklace:

Golden Beaded Necklace

A beautiful beaded necklace for all the ladies out there and looks very traditional. The beads are very intricately placed to make 2strands of necklace. This is a very nice design for a gold necklace which weighs below 25 grams and could be work on any occasions. A highlight of this design is it is suitable for ladies of all ages. This is good in package a nice pick for a 25 gms gold necklace design.

2. Plum Bago Floral Necklace:

Plum Bago Floral Necklace

It is a Beautiful floral 25 grams gold necklace designs available in the market. It looks very traditional. The floral pattern adds more beauty to this necklace. It looks elegant. These 25 grams gold necklace designs are the best beautiful gifts which could be bought for your special wedding days. It is crafted very neatly with those flower pendants and beads on the strands.

3. Gemstone Studded Gold Necklace:

Gemstone Studded Gold Necklace

The love and passion for gold among ladies is exceptional. This gem studded necklace enhances the beauty of the necklace. The red and green colored gems are an added attraction to the set. It looks more like an antique piece. Its best suited for formal events. Just match it up with nice earrings and bangles to complete the set. These gold necklace designs are available in 25 to 30 grams.

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4. Cutout Necklace:

Cutout Necklace

It is one of the best beautiful model of 25 grams gold necklace designs. It looks so simple with a single golden strand which is fitted with those beautiful pearls at regular intervals. The golden flower pattern in between the pearls adds so much of elegance to the set. It looks so fashionable. This is best suited for parties. Ladies can flaunt this nice-looking neck piece and feel proud of their collection.

5. Peacock Pendant Necklace:

Peacock Pendant Necklace

This is a traditional piece of jewelry. All those ladies should have one such design in their collection. A beautiful peacock pendant adds to the grandeur. It is exclusively handcrafted. Those peacocks look very elegant on this golden set. Ladies can color code with such lovely peacock designs.

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6. Grape Cluster Design:

Grape Cluster Design

This is a cute necklace made of freshwater pearls and gold. The grapes drop pendant looks so simple and elegant. This is a nice combination of white pearls and gold. It has got an intricate design of the grape leaves joined together. It is quite a head turner if you wear them at the parties. Grab one and include in your collection.

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7. Gold Necklace With Heart Pendant:

Gold Necklace With Heart Pendant

This is a heart pendant of gold created to enhance the beauty of women. It is a pendant of heart shape which gives the necklace a fashionable look. This is the most valuable gift on Valentine’s Day. Your loved one would appreciate the beauty of this lovely neck piece. This comes under the category of 25 grams gold necklace designs.

8. Magnolia Leaf Gold Necklace:

 Magnolia Leaf Gold Necklace

A beautiful necklace apt for all occasions, It has lovely leaves crafted on to this necklace. The small drop pendant looks so adorable on this necklace. The leaves are every intricately crafted. It is a beautiful design for all the ladies and light weight necklace which is easily affordable to all. Just can’t imagine such lovely design could be made within 25 gram gold necklace. That’s a wonderful creation.

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9. Black Bead Gold Necklace:

Black Bead Gold Necklace

This is a very traditional neck piece. This has beautiful back beads and gold beads carefully crafted. Length is adjustable. This is a daily wear kind of jewelry. This would be a great asset for all the ladies. This is an essential design for all the ladies in their golden collection. This design is available with weight less than 20 grams too. It is a very delicate pattern which looks very traditional.

Gold necklace set in 25 grams is the essential part of every woman. They take care of this gold ornaments with utmost care. These design which weight less than 25 grams are the most beautiful gifts for the ladies. Golden beads in combination with black beads or gems would be a very beautiful design.

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