9 Best Designs of 8 Gram Gold Jewellery Bangles in India

Bangles are traditional jewellery worn by women in India. They are worn in the wrist and is a popular piece of jewellery. They can be of gold, silver, glass or metal. Normally women prefer the gold bangles. The price of gold is high; hence women opt for 8gm gold jewellery. It is an alloy of gold and other metal like copper. It looks like gold and doesn’t go black like other metals. Also, depending on type and style of bangles, you can decide to wear it daily or for work or parties.

8 gram gold bangles

The 8-gram Gold Bangles Design:

Here are few types of women’s gold bangles designs in 8 grams.

1. The Pretty One:

8gm Gold Diamond Bangles

Everyone likes a dash of shine to their ornament. Diamond completes this. They go very well with gold. Bangles with this combination often get amazing attention. They look rich and classy. You can wear it with sari and even with an evening gown.

2. Thegem Style:

8gm Gold Gemstone Bangles

Many of us believe in gemstone. It is said if you wear the right gemstone of you birth date, it solves all your problems. People wear them in rings, pendant and bangles. It looks cool and goes well with most of your outfit. It imparts a classy and traditional look.

3. The Thick 8 Gram Gold Bangle:

Radium 8gm Gold Bangles

Like your bangle to be thick and shiny? Radium is a kind of polish done on the gold to give extra shine and silver look. This new style not only looks good but also is costly. The combination of silver and gold makes the design stand out. You should be careful when you wear them, as water or soap can wash away the radium polish.

4. Old is Gold: The Antique Style:

Antique 8gm Gold Bangles

This one is a complete wedding look bangle. Its traditional style and look makes sure it adds its own sense of beauty to the outfit while managing to steal the show. The bangle comes studded with stones. Pick and choose the stones you like.

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5. Being Classy: the Ultimate 8-Gram Gold Bangle:

Classic 8gm Gold Bangles

Classic 8gm gold bangles are the regular ones. They have a smoother finish. It is good for western outfits too. It can be worn with a saree. Their classy property justifies their name. They are not very shiny but still look amazing on wrist. They can be used for daily use.

6. The Party Wear Kind:

Party Wear 8gm Gold Bangles

Many of us don’t know what jewellery to wear on party outfit. You may not want to over accessories it and look like a bride. Hence, minimum shine but enough to dazzle bangles are a good party wear choice as a 8gm gold bangles. They look stylish while keeping the shine mild. They go well with any outfit. Single bangle or double bangles can be chosen based on the occasion.

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7. The Daily Office Wear Kind:

Office Wear 8gm Gold Bangles

This is the most popular choice of the ladies out there. Here is the set of bangles ideal for everyday use that are stuff and last long. These bangles are smooth and strong. They are durable for travelling in train and buses. They are not very shiny. It is an elegant choice.

8. The Open 8- Gram Gold Bangles:

Open 8gm Gold Bangles

Open 8gm gold bangles are similar to bracelets. They have opening to make it easy to wear them. It comes with a lock. This is easy and smart, especially for those who have big palms and cannot wear bangles with ease.

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9. Kadas Gold Bangles:

Kadas 8gm Gold Bangles

Kadas are big broad bangles. They are worn single. Many women wears it with other thin bangles made of metal or glass. They add x-factor to the set of bangles worn. It is ideal for weddings and functions.

Bangles are the popular choice of jewellery by the women folks. With the range of easily available options and designs, you can now start wearing them on a daily basis.