9 Best Grade 2 CT Diamond Ring Designs in India

Diamonds is the most popular precious stone among the feminie community. Diamonds chains, rings are the two most valuable gifts a husband to their better half during any special occasions. Coming to two carat diamond ring which actually weighs around 400milligram  or 2.5 gram. 1 carat Diamond rings is comparatively smaller to two carat, but both are commonly used as Wedding Ring. Though is a price difference in between the one and the two carat diamond ring, people love to buy the bigger size diamond due to its glow and elegancy.

2 carat diamond rings

The diamonds comes in a different color range of D which is colorless to light yellow Z. The diamonds are of various shapes and the style which the diamond is placed on precious metal like Gold or Platinum can be Solitaire, Halo style, Masterwork style, Classic Style or as three stone studded on to the precious metal.

Best Quality 2 Carat Diamond Rings for Special days:

For Valentine day gifting the backbone of ever men life with a heart shaped or emerald cut diamond would be the surprise which she would have not ever dreamt off!! Here we have to share some unique and stylish designs of diamond rings made from two carat listed out.

1. Round Cut 2 Carat Diamond Ring:

Round Cut 2-Carat Diamond Ring

Round cut can be decried as  a master piece when it comes to selecting a diamond ring for any occasion especially as an engagement ring or as an wedding ring. The size of the 2 carat diamond makes the diamond sparkles out when combined with a plain white gold ring.

2. Princess cut 2 Karat Diamond Ring:

Princess cut 2- carat Diamond Ring

The second most sold 2 carat diamond ring is the Princess cut design. The diamond is shaped as square or rectangular.

3. Radiant Cut 2 Ct Diamond Ring:

Radiant Cut 2-Carat Diamond Ring

It is one of the perfect engagement with its unique cut and glow. The most sold color of diamond is G color.

4. Emerald Cut 2- Carat Diamond Ring:

Emerald Cut 2- Carat Diamond Ring

In emerald design the Diamond stone has cuts which raises up and when look at the centre, it gives a maze kind of look. The Central emerald diamond cut stone can be paired along with two side small diamond stones.

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5. Oval Cut 2 Carat Diamond Ring:

Oval Cut 2-Carat Diamond Ring

The diamonds are cut in an oval shape and the color of the stone can be achieved according to customer preference.

6. Pear Cut 2- Carat Diamond Ring:

Pear Cut 2- carat Diamond Ring

Pear shaped diamond with a row of French diamond set and around the ring gives the sparkling look to the bride. The pattern of the diamond can be halo-pear design combined with the platinum metal.

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7. Heart Shaped 2- Karat Diamond Ring:

Heart Shaped 2- Carat Diamond Ring

This type of design is the dream engagement ring for any girl since the heart is the symbol used to express love and affection. This designed ringed can be gifted for any special occasion like valentines day to make the girl fall in love with a man till eternity.

8. Cushion shaped 2- Carat Diamond Ring:

Cushion shaped 2- Carat Diamond Ring

This type of design can also be called as antique design or vintage design. This design has caught the eyes of many youngsters.In the center cushion cut diamond is placed surrounded by round sparkling diamonds on the platinum ring.

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9. Marquise Shaped 2 carat Diamond Engagement Ring:

Marquise Shaped 2- carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Nowadays the fashion of wearing gold engagement ring has faded out. The choice to wear white gold has come in, so to replace gold color with silver with a 2- carat cut diamond is the best of choice and by also selecting the correct grade diamond which doe snot emit yellow gold color.

Buying a diamond is not easy, there are different things to check along with designs and shape selection. One of the important assessment for judging the purity of the diamond and its grade. The most famous ones are GIA and AGS labs to assess the grade.