9 Best Shades of Blue Bangles in Fashion 2020

9 Best Shades of Blue Bangles in Fashion 2020

Bangles have been a part of Indian culture since centuries but now the new bangles designs are most versatile and exclusive than before. The colour blue resembles sky and sea and even symbolizes sensitivity, wisdom and concern about the duties. It even reflects strength, love, and trust the similar qualities possessed by the females of the world. As the colour blue posses these qualities the woman folk adore wearing different shades of blue bangles and appearing gorgeous and mind blowing. The bangles have awesome artistic work crafted on it thus making you and your hands different from others.

Different Types of Blue Colour Bangles:

Let’s have a look at top 9 blue bangles designs for Women in india:

1. Navy Blue Bridal Bangles Set:

blue bangles

This type of navy blue heavy bridal bangles stands to be unique and gorgeous as it helps to make the bride look special and outstanding from the crowd. The bangles have kundan embossed on it with small red and blue stones in the centre thus giving a unique and traditional look to wrist as well to bride.

2. Thread Blue Bangles for Women:

Thread Blue Bangles for Women

The bangle is made of metal and above that blue threads are woven in a unique pattern thus making it truly awesome to look and making it difficult for you to resist owning one of it. These bangles can be teamed up with a pair of jeans and casual and get a chic look.

3. Blue and Golden Pearl Bangles:

Blue and Golden Pearl Bangles

When pearls get attached to the blue bangles along with golden also, thus give the entire set an elegant and classy appearance. The bangle helps to enhance your appearance by many folds and leaves you amazed in glory and happiness.

4. Silver Dotted Blue Bangles:

Silver Dotted Blue Bangles

These types of bangles can be designed in both glass and metal and you can handpick the one according to your choice and looks. The silver dots all the over the blue bangle leaves you speechless and appears very beautiful on wrists when worn to offices for shopping or hangouts also.

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5. Light and Dark Blue Stripped Bangles:

Light and Dark Blue Stripped Bangles

The awesome colour combinations of light and dark blue in stripped pattern reflect a touch of modernity in these bangles. The bangles are available in many pattern and designs and it looks pretty when paired with any kind of apparels you wear.

6. Acrylic Blue Bangles:

Acrylic Blue Bangles

These types of light blue acrylic bangles are perfect for working woman as they are very light in weight and doesn’t go bad bad in long run also. The bangles looks simple yet has a touch of elegance in it thus making you appear different from others.

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7. Kundan Work Royal Blue Bangles:

Kundan Work Royal Blue Bangles

Here comes a bangle which makes you appear royal and classy. The royal blue bangle has shinning kundan stones embossed in a flower and leaves pattern all over thus adding more charm to it. The wearer of the bangle cannot be left noticed even in the crowd thus making you feel special from others.

8. Plastic Blue Crystal Bangles for Girls:

Large Plastic Crystal Bangle for Girls

The bangle is made of plastic materials and on top of it small shinning aqua blue crystals are embossed thus giving the bangle a sizzling and hot look. These type of bangles are preferred by young girls as it goes with any outfit and makes you appear unique from others when worn on any parties or hangouts.

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9. Ethnic Blue Colour Glass Bangles:

Ethnic Blue Colour Glass Bangles

This type of simple blue glass bangles gives your wrist a traditional and ethnic looks when worn. The bangles can be used for daily usage also and adds more charm to your looks and gives you a trendy appearance.

Blue bangles are available in many shades of blue like navy, deep, light and royal blue and you can grab the bangles matching with your outfit. The blue bangles make you appear unique and amazingly beautiful when worn on any occasion. These bangles suits to every females irrespective of age and colour. Thus get a set of blue bangle and get those traditional and ethnic looks.