9 Customized Designs in Gold Bangles with Stones

Gold Bangle with Stones is an important part of women jewellery. Every women loves gold bangle and it defines the tradition of India. It has become custom to wear gold bangle in Marriages. Gold stone bangles define the prominence in women’s life and will help in adorning her in functions. In marriage, parents gift this beautiful gold bangle to her daughter to represent their happiness. One can also call it “Kangan”. Stone bangles in gold form an integral part of Indian women jewellery. A gold bangle has increased wearable value.

Stone Engraved Bangles in Gold:

Here are some traditional designs of stone gold bangles in womens jewellery.

1. Gold Bangle with Ruby Stone:

gold bangles with stones

In this gold bangle, floral design with ruby stone has been done. It will appear out to be unique from regular gold bangles. It is looking divine and elegant with good finishing of gold. It is perfect for gifting also.

2. Gold Bangle with AD Stone:

Gold Bangle with AD Stone

This gold bangle has AD stones studded on it. It is having fashionable design and will get match with every dress. A beautiful round cut diamonds are studded together on different intervals. A nice shape has been given with diamonds and gold.

3. Gold Antique Bangle with Stone:

Gold Antique Bangle with Stone

The design of antique jewellery is years old. It is having two different sizes of gold balls and studded with white and red color stones. It gives a classy look to wearer. Antique jewellery is real treasure and they possess more value.

4. Pink Stone Studded Gold Bangle:

Pink Stone Studded Gold Bangle

This gold bangle has pink color stone studded in it. It is comfortable to wear daily and is having simple and pleasant look. It is little broad in design and will suit much with saree. The use of gold is also much and gorgeous design is given to bangle.

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5. Stone Studded Peacock with Gold Bangle:

Stone studded Peacock with Gold Bangle

It is one of awesome gold stone bangle design. This bangle is looking lovely with stone studded peacock design. It is looking traditional and will fill up your whole hand. It will twinkle in your hand and will catch up attention of public.

6. Gold Bangle with Green Stone:

Gold Bangle with Green Stone

This is an awesome design in gold bangles. It is having stones of green color. Green color is auspicious in our tradition. These green stone is sparkling and delivering a good luck to wearer. It is apt for daily wear and comfortable too.

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7. Gold Bangle with Gemstone:

Gold Bangle with Gemstone

This gold bangle has stones of multi-color. It is known as Gemstone. The benefit of multi color stone is it will get match with every outfit. A very fine cut has been given to these stones. Stone bangle design in gold with multi color is unusual.

8. Red & Green Enameled Gold Bangle:

Red & Green Enameled Gold Bangle

It is very trendy design in gold bangle with red and green color stones embossed in it. It is such a sophisticated design that ladies will surely appear out to be gorgeous in this. It is easy to wear this in your routine life.

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9. Trendy Gold Bangle with Stones:

Trendy Gold Bangle with Stones

The design of this gold bangle is nice and trendy. Floral pattern is done on this gold bangle. On each flower, there is stone of different colors. It will look unique in girl’s hands. This design is new and surely liked by all.

Gold jewellery is worn by ladies to enhance her beauty. From ancient times, gold bangles are continued to be worn. This gold bangles with stones helps in adorning the wrist of ladies. It has its deep roots in Indian culture. Currently, you can also shop for gold bangles with stones from websites. A variety of stunning designs is available to choose from. You can buy one and gift to your partner.