9 Latest 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra Designs 2020

Mangalsutra is a gold chain that differs in their design and pattern according to cultures. Mostly worn by women, it is an important part of Hindu Marriages. Many kinds of emotions are attached with mangalsutra. This jewellery weighs more in importance than as just as another fashion accessory. It stands out as a symbol of cultural value and well-being of the husband. Earlier, there were only typical designs available in mangalsutra. But now-a-days, there is so many patterns available that yet preserves the values and purity.

1 gram gold mangalsutra

Beautiful and Attractive One Gram Gold Mangalsutra Designs for Women:

Let we will see new patterns of one gram gold mangalsutras.

1. The Thick 1 Gram Mangalsutra Chain:

1 Gram Thick Chain Gold Mangalsutra

This one is a traditional one-gram gold jewellery mangalsutra design. It is lengthy with a big pendant. The chain has three strings. The pendant design is also very classy. Its big pendant is combined with a small pendant with small black balls hanging.

2. The light One Gram Gold Long Mangalsutra:

Light Weight 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra

This is very delicate and sophisticated one gram gold mangalsutra design. As it is lightweight, you can wear it daily. It has a small bead chain and flowered petal design pendant. You can carry this design in any event. Simple yet pretty!

3. The One Gram Marathi Style Mangalsutra:

1 Gram Gold Marathi Mangalsutra

This one-gram gold mangalsutra is short in length. It is a combination of black beads and gold balls arranged in an alternate fashion. The design is a mixture of modern and contemporary style. You will see Marathi married ladies wearing this style of mangalsutra.

4. The 1 Gram Meena flower Gold Mangalsutra:

1 Gram Meena Flower Gold Mangalsutra

This 1-gram gold mangalsutra has a pendant with meenakari design. The chain is in two strings. Gold balls are fitted in the space in between to adjust the gaps. The pendant has a floral design with red and green stones. One pear shape green stone is seen to hang with the pendant.

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5. The Multiple Chain 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra:

1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra with Multiple Chains

This one-gram gold mangalsutra design is very rare and is truly trendy. It has multiple chains with very small black beads studded at each interval. It is simple and royal at the same time. Wearing this piece is just like wearing another gold jewellery.

6. The Simple Chain Mangalsutra 1 gm Gold:

Simple Chain 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra

It is an elegant mangalsutra design. This only has a simple with black beads. There are some floral design diamonds that hang from the chain. It is a superb and gracious mangalsutra design that gives you a trendy and classy look.

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7. 1 Gram Gold Plated Mangalsutra:

1 Gram Gold Standard Mangalsutra

This one-gram gold mangalsutra design is the standard and recognized one. The chain is embedded with three black beads and three gold balls alternatively. The design of the pendant is ancient and will look heavy with any sophisticated outfit.

8. 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra with Big Beads:

1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra with Big Beads

This 1-gram mangalsutra design has a big black bead that looks beautiful. Its pendant has one big gold ball stuffed in the middle. This simple mangalsutra design looks elegant and will impress you!

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9. The Diamond Pendant 1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra:

1 Gram Gold Mangalsutra with Diamond Pendant

This one-gram gold mangalsutra has a diamond-studded pendant. Gold and diamonds are beautifully placed to create an awe-inspiring look. This stunning piece of beauty will immediately capture attention.

This time, don’t forget to match your mangalsutra with your favourite earring. There is a range of variation in the designs of mangalsutra that come with diamond, floral designs, beads etc. Pick and choose the best one you like!