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9 Latest 18k Gold Chains in Different Styles

Gold has been used to make jewellery ever since Stone Age. It can be made into chain, bangles because of its ductility property. Men and women wear them around neck as chains. From thin to fat, chains are made to cater everybody’s taste. The purity of gold also varies with style. Ideal gold chain is made of 18k to 22k.

18k Gold Chains

Beautiful 18k Gold Chains for Women and Men:

18 k chains have huge variety of patterns. They look good and don’t cost you much. Since it is 18k, it can be made into variety of designs. Here look at Women’s and Men’s 18k Gold Chains with images.

1. Long 18k Gold Chain for Women and Men:

Long 18k Gold Chain for Women and Men

Many people think gold shows their standards. They prefer to wear long chains to show it off. Long 18k gold chains are favorite of middle aged men and women. You can wear them with pendant. It looks good on saris. If you don’t want to wear heavy gold set, then long 18k gold chain is best choice.

2. Short Simple 18k Gold Chain:

Short Simple 18k Gold Chain

Many young girls want to wear thin short gold chain around their delicate neck. 18k solid gold Chains are perfect to make short chain. They are worn with tiny pendant. It looks good on thin body frame. It is nice for everyday use. But you have to be careful as it is delicate.

3. Huge and Heavy 18k Gold Chain:

Huge and Heavy 18k Gold Chain

Huge 18k Gold Chains are loved by wrappers and middle to old aged women and men. They are heavy and bulky. It is made to shine and get all attention. You may want to not wear it and walk on streets unarmed. It is perfect for weddings. This is one of the best women’s and men’s 18k solid gold chains.

4. Round 18k Gold Chains:

Round 18k Gold Chain

Round 18k Gold Chains has rounded bands. They are not very delicate. It is not advisable for women with long hair as hair may get tangled. It is cool with medium sized pendant. It is a bit heavy too.

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5. Flat and Plain 18k Gold Chain:

Flat and Plain 18k Gold Chain

Flat 18k yellow Gold Chain is a 90’s style chain. They are pressed and broad. It is worn with big pendant. This chain is normally short. It looks good on fat person. This chain is heavy in weight. It gets all the attention.  You can wear it parties.

6. Linear Cable 18k Gold Chain:

Linear cable 18k Gold Chain

Linear cable 18k Gold chain is traditional style gold chain. They are interlocked pattern. This pattern is seen in chain of ship’s anchor. It is very simple to look. It is perfect for everyday use.

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7. Hex Link 18k Gold Chains:

Hex link 18k Gold Chain

Hex link 18ct Gold Chain is a modern pattern chain.  It looks similar to round gold chain. They are liked by people who don’t want bulky chains. It is simple and delicate. You can wear it to work and for daily use. It looks good on both Indian and western outfits.

8. 18k Gold Chain with Diamonds:

18k Gold Chain with diamonds

Every women like diamonds, she wears them as pendant or earrings. Diamonds are added to chains too. Normally they are uncut, but some modern designs have diamonds throughout the chain. They are more and useful for party or wedding functions.

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9. Contemporary Design 18 karat Gold Chain for Women:

Contemporary design 18k Gold Chain

Many gold chains have some design and patterns. Contemporary design 18k white gold chain has smart designs. They are leaf, flowers, feather and high-tech shapes. They are very modern and cool. It is loved by all youngsters. Many wear them over western dresses.

18 Carat Gold Chain is easy to going style in gold chains. They are not as costly as 22k gold chains. You can wear it to work or parties. They look smart and very appealing. They have similar shine as regular gold chain.

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