9 Latest Designer Jewellery Designs for Women

Designer jewellery is created by famous designers. It is civilization’s earliest form of decoration, which began in the societies of Mesopotamia and Egypt. From the simple bead work of ancient times to modern day’s sophisticated gem cutting, designing jewellery has excelled a lot.


In earlier times, jewels were considered precious and sacred, but since the last century, jewellery has been simply used for ornament purpose, and hence several designers have emerged to meet the demand for new and different designs.

Designer Jewellery Pictures by Famous Designers:

Here are some of the best designs for designer jewellery are as follows:

1. Designer Jewellery Ring in Gold:


This designer leaf ring with three leaves is an exclusive piece of jewellery. It is gold plated and has a vintage look. Its weight is almost negligible. This can be used on occasions, with traditional as well as western wear. It is delicate, so has to be handled with care.

2. Unique Umbrella Designer Necklace:


This is one of the latest designer jewellery. It has a pretty gold chain attached to a gold umbrella. The gold chain has a section above the umbrella which has five stones which look like water drops and seem to fall on the umbrella like it is raining. This innovative design looks adorable and will be loved by kids.

3. Designer Neck Piece and Earrings:


This elegant set has a necklace, earrings and ear cuffs. The sapphire stones have a sophisticated look and they go well with the diamond ear cuffs. It can be worn over traditional as well as western wear, like an evening gown. It gives a charming and feministic look to the ears and neck.

4. Designer Peacock Necklace for Girls:


Designers create the most unique and beautiful designs. This diamond designer jewellery is proof of that. The necklace looks like a peacock’s body, with the head in the middle like a pendant, and the wings spread around the neck. This is a very innovative design. It looks good on traditional as well as western attire.

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5. Designer Jhumka’s in Gold:


Jhumka’s have a very traditional look. These jhumkas are gold plated and have beautiful designing on them. They have a heavy look and will go well with ghagras. They are one of the best Indian designer jewellery.

6. Rose Gold Eiffel Tower Ring for Women:


One of the most beautiful structures of the world, the Eiffel tower gets everyone swooning. This marvellous design by a jewellery designer has to be loved by everyone. This rose gold ring looks like the Eiffel tower when viewed from the sides and has a diamond as the base of the tower. It is extremely pretty and will be loved women of all ages. This can be used as a wedding ring, and is sure to catch attention everywhere it is worn.

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7. Simple Diamond Designer Jewellery:


Diamonds are loved by all. This latest designer jewellery has an extremely elegant and classy look. It looks like a cuff that’s been worn around the neck. The design is minimal and the simplicity of the necklace highlights the beauty of the neck.

8. Designer Jewellery for Wedding:


Weddings require jewellery with a grand look. This wedding set has a heavy and majestic look. It is Kundan Indian designer jewellery, with rubies and emeralds. It is the perfect designer jewellery for wedding.

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9. Designer Diamond Bracelet Design for Teens:


Most designers jewelry collection have a large variety of bracelets. This piece, however, is unique. It is diamond studded on a rose gold base, in a butterfly shape. It has a heavy look and looks good on teenagers as well.

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