9 New and Stylish Bandage Dress Designs for Women

Bandage dresses are a dress consisting of tight-fitting which looks like it is giving tight hug to body. They are usually made up of stretchable fabric that gives comfort to body. It appears like bandages are wrapped around body displaying many layers on dress. It consists of many colours and in many prints. The bandage pattern can be on neck, dress side and on over all dress also. These bandage patterns demand a high level of innovative ideas.

Latest and Fashionable Bandage Dresses for Ladies in Trend:

Get this top 9 bandage dress for your wardrobe collections.

1. Backside Bandage Dress:

This red bandage dress is having an alluring back pattern. The lower back is decorated with Red Cross lace border and on top, there is a horizontal red strap adjoining both sides of the shoulder. On lower dress also there is bandages design with its light red shade. This red colour dress will be chosen as per your need of occasion or party time wear.

2. Strapless Bandage Dress:

It is a shiny white bandage dress without straps. The shoulder is having circular white bandage-like fabric and on waist also one white bandage strap is affixed. The dress is divided into four steps having a blouse and skirt and all are in plain. If you are positive with your dress selection then this one you should try sure.

3. Criss Cross Bandage Dress:

It is knee-length black bandage dress having eye-catchy bandage pattern on the chest area. The middle of the whole dress is having criss-cross style thin straps. On top bandages are transparent and on lower, it is above the dress.

4. Bodycon Bandage Dress:

This long sleeve bandage dress is having a full one-sided bandage work. There is a deep round neck with full-size sleeves. This is little tight type dress and on the body side, there is a full curve on crossing panel with a knot at the end. The dress is having a body-hugging style.

5. High Neck Bandage Dress:

It is pink bandage dress having high neck. On shoulder connecting neck bandage panels are carried out. The belt design is also looking like lace bandage. This short dress is having sleeves made up of bandages looking desirable.

6. Choker Neck Bandage Dress:

It is so sexy bandage dress covering neck like choker. It is having one shoulder covered with white bandage and another one without straps. On one hand to bandage is hanged. The dress is designed to be sensuous displaying much open area.

7. Strappy Front Bandage Dress:

It is midi blue bandage dress having strappy neck pattern. The dress is having spaghetti-like straps with deep neck again furnished with bandage straps going here and there. The middle straight bandage is connecting other strap design.

8. Foil Print Bandage Dress:

It is gold bandage dress that is looking awesome. It looks like the dress is constructed from golden bandages and these bandages are having print like foil. In front, it is a halter neck with back side square-cut neck pattern.

9. Fashionable Bandage Dress:

This green bandage dress is plus size having colour shades. The body is covered with bandages having green, purple and yellow shades rendering major green colour. There is cut on both sides of the waist and on back too.

The artistic creation of bandage dress needs to be developed from unique ideas. These bandage work can be broad or thin depending upon its requirement. The bandage dress is having cultivated and dignified design work.